Landyachtz ATV-X Ditch Life Night Fox Complete 9.75″ x 31″ Black


The Landyachtz ATV-X Ditch Life Night Fox is designed and is perfectly suited to the epic concrete ditches and city streets that you shred regularly!

The Ditch Life features a wide platform and plentiful of concave to keep you locked on while skating sketchy terrain. The ATV-X construction removes 2 ply and replaces them with triaxial fibreglass which creates a lighter, stiffer and more poppy deck.

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Landyachtz ATV-X Ditch Life Night Fox Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Landyachtz Nightfox Canada Online Sales Pickup Boarder Labs VancouverLandyachtz ATV Ditch Life Night Fox Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup Landyachtz ATV Ditch Life Night Fox Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Landyachtz ATV-X Ditch Life Night Fox is guaranteed to make you skate faster, ollie higher and shred harder!

The functional nose and tail combined with big soft wheels mean that it is equally at home at the skatepark, slashing alleyways or cruising between. The perfect option to grab for a quick rip to the store or around the neighborhood.

Team Rider Mackenzie Yoshida is most at home on his skateboard riding the gnarly concrete ditches that seem to be everywhere on his home island of Oahu. The terrain he skates isn’t for the faint of heart and the design of this board reflects that. At 31″ long by 9.75″ wide it has some extra width to add the confidence and stability that you need to ride away from tricks on big obstacles. A signature concave and a steep tail work to keep you locked in no matter what the spot throws at you.

Ready to turn on a dime and provide the responsiveness you desire are the Polar Bear trucks. These 155mm Polar Bear trucks are going to be exactly what you need if you’re going to hit the skatepark, slappy curb or just about any other obstacle. These fast rolling Landyachtz Chubby Hawgs and Bear Spaceball Built-in bearings are the perfect match if you are wanting to have some fun while cruising around. They are a great wheel to really enjoy your cruising experience. Their offset bearing placement and stone-ground finish give you a comfortable ride with optimal grip for quick/tight turns.

The ATV Series completes are true jacks-of-all trades. Equally at home in skate parks, at crusty street spots, slashing steep alleyways or ripping to the corner store, these boards are designed as completes to make sure that no inch of pavement is off limits.


  • Deck width: 9.75″
  • Deck length: 31″
  • Wheelbase: 15″
  • Polar Bear 155mm trucks
  • Bear Spaceball bearings
  • Landyachtz 60mm 78a Easy Hawgs
  • Wheels from factory may vary

Landyachtz Switchblade Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Whether it’s in the streets, the skate park or a sketchy DIY spot, Cam’s got a trick. Landyachtz couldn’t be happier to have Cam MacGregor join the team to help take our ATV Series boards to the next level with his skating expertise. Cam literally skates it all and brings his unique style to every spot he skates. Expect to see many more videos of him in the future!



Landyachtz Longboard Collection Canada Sale Pickup BoarderLabs VancouverHome grown and bred in Vancouver, BC. Landyachtz is all skater owned, where all their gear is designed and ridden by the guys and gals at Landyachtz for thousands of hours before being approved and sent off to your lovely home. They don't make what they wouldn't skate.
WE PLANT ONE TREE FOR EVERY BOARD WE SELL: We believe Maple is the best material for skateboards. Unfortunately that means removing maple trees from the environment. To give back to the environment we have decided that for every skateboard we sell, we plant a tree. One tree produces at least 60 boards. So with our program, one tree will turn into at least 60 new trees planted. We are excited about what we can accomplish together. When you buy one of our boards, know that you are making a difference and improving the environment for future generations to enjoy.

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