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Mini Logo Peacock Feather Birch Deck 8″ x 31.45″ Green


The Mini Logo Peacock Feather deck is made out of high quality birch and is the king of price point decks!

Featuring a lower nose and tail angle to allow for flatter, leveled-out pops, for shove-it and flip tricks. In addition, the signature K20 design provides a mellow double kick concave which enables a great locked-in feel.

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Mini Logo Skateboard Decks Trucks Wheels Bearings Griptape Skate One Corp. Canada Pickup Vancouver

Mini Logo Peacock Feather Birch Deck 7.5 8.0 Green Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverMini Logo Skateboards Wheels A-Cut C-Cut AWOL Trucks Bearings Decks Maple Birch Canada Pickup VancouverThe Mini Logo Peacock Feather Birch deck is the board of choice for street or transition!

Set this new deck up and get ready for crisp pop and well designed ergonomic concave. Mini Logo boards are perfect for skating streets on a budget!

This professional quality Mini Logo skateboard deck rocks sturdy construction that will satisfy the needs of skater of any skill level. This Mini Logo deck comes packed with a signature 7-ply design of birch and is laminated with Skate one’s proprietary, low-stress AirLam presses. As a result, it’s rock-solid with tons of pop and ready for your favourite skate spots.

This Mini Logo Peacock Feather skateboard deck has a solid all around shape, designed for a technical street skater or a ripper who prefers a wide skateboard. Also works great all kinds of flip to grind variations! 


  • Deck length: 31.45″
  • Deck width: 8″
  • Wheelbase: 14″
  • Deck nose: 6.75″
  • Deck tail: 6.5″
  • Concave: K20
  • Shape: 242
  • Seven plies of birch
  • Made using AirLam press
  • More here: MINI LOGO

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Official MILITANT #70, Jordan Griffin, sat down mid-session to tell us the benefits of #minilogowheels and explains the differences between the A-cut and C-cut shapes. Thnx for the 411 Jordan!


Mini Logo

Mini Logo Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverMini Logo™ skateboards are manufactured by the source of some of the finest brands in the skateboard industry. ML™ means premium quality and performance at a rock bottom price, guaranteed. If you are finished with expensive, dubious quality, poorly made skateboard products and just want to skate, Mini Logo™ is for you.
Mini Logo

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Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 85 × 30 × 20 cm
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