OJ II Street Speedwheels Reissue 60mm 92a Original Blue



OJ II Street Speedwheels Reissue 60mm 92a Original Blue


Another stunning reissue wheels from OJ are the Street Speedwheels in Original Blue! OJ II Street Speedwheels are as old school as it gets! Poured and printed at NHS, just like in the ’80s.

These radical reissues from OJ come in the original size and durometer of 60mm 92a. Being crazy popular during 80’s – early 90’s, OJ II Street Speedwheels are a true classic. 

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OJ II Street Speedwheels Reissue 60mm 92a Original Blue Skateboard Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverOJ II Street Speedwheels Reissue 60mm 92a Original Blue Skateboard Wheels Canada Pickup VancouverThe OJ II Street Speedwheels reissue are ready roll through crust, just like back in the day!

These radical reissue wheels from OJ brand come in the original size and durometer of 60mm and 92a. Sitting at 45mm, these are wide wheels with a 30mm contact patch. Their finish is glossy with no grooves. Moreover, their conical shape helps to lock on ledges or a pool coping, while looking absolutely sick. Overall, they are perfect to set up on a retro board!

These are iconic wheels that more skaters than you can count religiously rode throughout the ’80s and early ’90s.

Coming from the NHS factory in the USA, these Street Speedwheels OJs are a classic reissue of the original.

Original Blue color, OG shape, and true high performance that you would expect from this wheel.


  • Classic ’80s model
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Durometer: 92a
  • Width: 45mm
  • Contact Patch: 30mm 
  • Glossy finish
  • Original Blue
  • Made in USA
  • Perfect to set up on a retro board!

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OJ Wheels Filmers Choice Canada Sales Pickup VancouverSanta Cruz put out OJ wheels in the ’80s and man were they a hit! OJ has been a name synonymous with great quality skate wheels. Needless to say these wheels do not let the legacy of the name down. OJ makes wheels in so many varieties because they understand the diversity and needs of both modern and old school skaters. 
OJ has a rich history in skateboarding, and these wheels are not only good for the older guys looking to rekindle their youth, they’re also fantastic wheels for anyone who desires a smooth ride on a sick looking wheel! To this day OJ keeps working on that juicy urethane to push skateboarding further, support an awesome team, and keep skaters on that blessed cruise! From Color Berries to Thunder Juice, Ojs are made out of smooth urethane that will keep your cruise blessed! Mess with the juice, it damn sure pays off!
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