Paris Savant 180mm 50 Degree Red and Black



Paris Savant 180mm 50 Degree Red and Black


The Paris Savant 180mm 50 Degree Red and Black is the perfect truck for all your fast downhill and freeride skating. With a lower baseplate degree these bad boys bring strength and stability to the table. The 180mm hanger is forged, not cast, offering superior strength and tighter tolerances.

If you’re looking for a truck with a precision feel for half the cost, the Paris Savants are the way to go. Designed to perfection, featuring a gunmetal grey, that is locked and loaded to fire you down those hills!

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Buy Paris Savant 180mm 50 Degree Red and Black VancouverThe wait is finally over, we introduce you the 50 degree Paris Savants! With the smooth lines and clean Buy Paris Trucks Online Canada or Pickup Vancouver BCdesign you know and love by Paris, the Savant features many upgrades as well as downhill-specific improvements. All designed to perfection to offer you high quality truck at an affordable price. No need to look any further! 

The Paris Savant is the perfect truck for all your fast downhill and freeride skating, with the strength and durability these bad boys bring to the table. The 180mm hanger is forged, not cast, to offer superior strength and tighter tolerances. The axles are dead straight, precision machined, and secured into the hanger with a patented axle lock system. Featured with a slightly tighter bushing seat to provide the additional stability needed to take your skating to 60mph+, while still giving that deep and predictable Paris turn you’ve known to love. The Savants also feature a race-inspired machined pivot, top hat bushing washers, machined speed rings, urethane pivot cups and slop-stoppers.

Paris Savant 180mm 50 Degree Red and Black:

  • Hanger width: 180mm
  • Forged 6061 Aluminum Hangers. T6 Heat Treated
  • Dead Straight Axles, Every Hangers Is Tested For Perfect Alignment
  • Race Spec 8mm, Grade 12 Axles
  • Patented Captive Axle Lock System
  • Grade 10 Steel Kingpins
  • 1mm Built-In Inner Speed Washers
  • Precision Axle Washers
  • 90a Double Barrel Bushings

We just had a really cool opportunity to review the brand new Paris Savants from Paris Truck Co.



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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 cm
Axle Width