Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Samurai 10” x 36.75”


This is it, it doesn’t get any better than this for the downhill crowd. This board was designed and tested by 3 time world champion Kevin Reimer. The originators of the best skate tech have stepped their game up and joined the ranks of other high end longboard brands. This Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Samuri deck can handle 75mm+ race wheels.

Its light, it can take those huge wheels, is it too good to be true? Almost, fortunately this one actually exists! (unlike all the other perfect downhill dreams I’ve had) This Santa Barbra made board is a downhiller’s dream. It was made by the best and designed to be very user friendly, making both new riders and expert riders being able to feel and benefit from the differences that set it apart from other longboard decks.

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Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Samurai 10'' x 36.75'' Vancouver Online SHopping CanadaThe Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Samurai model longboard is a pure pred race and freeride style deck Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Samurai 10'' x 36.75'' Top Vancouver Online Shopping Canadathat was designed by the man himself after becoming a 3 time world downhill champion in 2009 2010 and 2014. The Samuri’s mission is to not only be the fastest but also the easiest to ride downhill board available today. It boasts a 3/8” drop that will hold you in place for drifts, slides and freeriding. The concave is a flat top which is intended to be subtle enough to not affect pushing but provide a great hold on your foot for toeside corners and slides.

Powell Peralta longboards are a beauty not only to be marveled at but also enjoyed thoroughly. They are crafted using an industry leading extra light weight laminated core of of selected woods as well as multi axial fiberglass, and carbon fiber reinforcement. You will notice right away when you look at these premium decks that something is different about the tips. Those are the highly durable urethane bumpers. They are designed to protect against impacts, resulting in a longer lasting longboard.

This amazing technology is exclusive to Powell Peralta and is manufactured in the United States in the skate one factory under the watchful eyes of George Powell. They claim this Santa Barbra produced deck, is more light weight and durable than any other board available.

Its amazing how stiff these boards are torsionally given how light and thin they are. The ultra light weight gives the boards an added edge for quicker starts and faster response. The deck’s shape provides clearence for 75mm+ race wheels to be ridden without wheel bite.

  • Length: 36.75”
  • Width 10”
  • Wheelbase 29”
  • Nose: 1.38”
  • Tail 1.38”
  • Drop center .375”
  • Weight 3.65 lbs
  • Tri-axial Fiberglass
  • High strength epoxy glue
  • Super light, multi-species wooden core
  • Hard cast polyurethane bumpers (front and rear)
  • Race shape wheel clearance 

Join 2014 IDF World Champion Kevin Reimer as he bombs down another California classic. Filmed and edited by Newman Productions.


Powell Peralta

Powell Dealer Canada Vancouver CalStreetsPowell Peralta is an American skateboard company founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978. It became known for its Bones Brigade team, which included top skateboarding competitors of the 1980s. Peralta left the company in 1991 and Powell continued to produce skateboard equipment under the Powell, Bones Bearings, and RollerBones brands. CalStreets or CSI was the company's second distributor in Canada after Northwest Skateboards.
Powell Peralta

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 12 × 5 cm
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