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Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer SSF 72mm 75a PURPLE


Behold the Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Soft Slide wheel, a versatile marvel primed for all your downhill endeavors! Boasting a grippy 75a durometer and expertly crafted with the SSF PRO formula, this wheel delivers unparalleled traction surpassing our other freeride offerings.

Designed as a premier downhill race wheel with a durable skin, it seamlessly transitions into a high-speed freeride companion, embodying the epitome of versatility. Equipped with the innovative black H5 fiber-infused core, and featuring a new “inset” lip design, this latest iteration ensures enhanced grip and prolonged durability, promising the ultimate performance on the asphalt. Prepare to conquer the slopes with the Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Soft Slide wheel – where speed meets precision.

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Introducing the 72mm Kevin Reimer SSF wheel in captivating purple, a testament to Powell Peralta’s commitment to excellence in freeride performance. Crafted with the renowned SSF formula, synonymous with the acclaimed Snakes, this wheel embodies durability and precision, encased in a solidly built square lip design tailored for the avid freerider.

This latest iteration promises an enhanced sliding experience, coupled with superior durability, without compromising on the beloved smooth slide and grip characteristic of the 72mm shape. Whether you’re carving through tight corners or executing fluid slides, this wheel offers unrivaled performance and reliability.

For those seeking optimal grip without sacrificing speed, the 72mm Kevin Reimer SSF wheel strikes the perfect balance. Positioned as a grippier alternative to Byron’s wheel yet offering a more controlled slide than the 72mm Green Kevin Reimer wheel, it caters to the discerning freerider’s needs, destined to become a staple in their arsenal.

Embrace the thrill of freeriding with confidence, as you embark on exhilarating descents knowing that the 72mm Kevin Reimer SSF wheel has your back, paving the way for unforgettable experiences on the asphalt.


  • Diameter: 72mm Durometer: 75a
  • Contact patch: 57.5mm
  • 2mm inset; still flippable 
  • Wheel formula: SSF PRO
  • SSF PRO – 30% more grip than SSF
  • Black H5 fibre infused core
  • Wheel surface: smooth
  • Suggested riding: Freeride/ downhill

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Every skater has a hill story. Kevin Reimer has many. Stacy Peralta sat down with Kevin to talk downhill skating & the process of developing superior product with George Powell.


Powell Peralta

Powell Dealer Canada Vancouver CalStreetsPowell Peralta is an American skateboard company founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978. It became known for its Bones Brigade team, which included top skateboarding competitors of the 1980s. Peralta left the company in 1991 and Powell continued to produce skateboard equipment under the Powell, Bones Bearings, and RollerBones brands. CalStreets or CSI was the company's second distributor in Canada after Northwest Skateboards.
Powell Peralta

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