Real Chima Ferguson Cathedral Deck 8.25″ x 32″ Purple



Real Chima Ferguson Cathedral Deck 8.25″ x 32″ Purple


As always, Real is coming in hot with Chima Ferguson’s Cathedral deck, featuring a signature R1 construction and an eye-candy graphic!

This pro quality Real skateboard deck measures 8.25″ wide x 32″ long and will satisfy the needs of skater of any skill level. This board is meant to enable you to push your limits and enjoy skating. 

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Real Chima Ferguson Cathedral 8.25 x 32 Skateboard Deck Canada Pickup VancouverBuy Real Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Chima Ferguson Cathedral by Real is the board for all skate rats out there! It features a stunning raised ink graphic that many of us would hesitate to ruin with boardslides. A true beauty! 

Set this new deck up and get ready for crisp pop and well designed ergonomic concave. Real boards are perfect for that street skate life. It features a stiff maple and Real’s signature R1 construction you can trust.

This professional quality Real skateboard deck is a balanced modern popsicle that is good for technical and hammer tricks! It’s a rock-solid design with tons of pop and ready for your favorite skate spots.

This Real skateboard deck features a solid all around shape, designed for a technical street skater or an all-around ripper.

Get radical and get technical on this board. Quality Hard Rock maple will handle a lot of abuse!  Also works great all kinds of flip to grind variations. Keep it Real for life!


  • Length: 32″
  • Width: 8.25″
  • Wheelbase: 14.38″
  • White full dip, raised ink graphic
  • 7 ply Hard Rock Maple
  • Medium concave, R1 construction
  • Chima Ferguson pro deck

No gimmicks, no goofball garments, no garbage—Chima’s Spinning Away Raw Files is timeless skate stoke for the ages. This is how you close the curtains on a stellar vid. Good on ya’, Chima!



Real Skateboards Canada Sales Pickup VancouverREAL SKATEBOARDS: was originally started out in San Francisco, CA by skateboarding street pioneers Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero. ... With all doors open for suggestions and ideas from the skaters, Real Skateboards quickly became a raw skateboard company with an unrelenting commitment to skateboarding.
Believing that performance and feel of your deck is important – duh- we set out to make the best boards for skateboarders. It was never about just one style board to fit all, but decks that would allow skaters to choose specifically for how they individually want to skate.
Unlike many companies, we don’t make special decks for our team riders and then sell decks of lesser quality. The same decks the team rides are the ones we sell. 

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