Slimeballs Salbe Tiger Vomits Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver SLIME BALLS SALBA TIGER VOMITS WHEELS 60MM 95A ORANGE $64.95
Plan B PJ Ladd Pro.Spec Superthane Wheels 49mm White Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver
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Plan B PJ Ladd Pro.Spec NEW OLD STOCK Wheels 49mm White $69.95
Santa Cruz SkateboardsSLIME BALLS

Santa Cruz Slime Balls Snot Rockets 54mm 95A Pastel Pink

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The Snot Rockets by Santa Cruz feature modern slim shape and 95a urethane with increased all-terrain capability.

Snot Rockets have a modern rounded edge for easier flips and ledge tricks. Such edges also ease the transition on and off the coping. Combined with narrower contact patch with 95a durometer, Snot Rockets are great for slides. These are perfect when you just don’t know how crusty of a spot you will encounter.


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Slimeball Wheels Distributor Canada Pickup Vancouver

Slime Balls Snot Rockets 54mm 95a Pastel Pink Skateboard Wheels Canada VancouverSlime Balls Snot Rockets 54mm 95a Pastel Pink Skateboard Wheels Canada VancouverThese pastel pink Slime Balls Snot Rockets feature an all-terrain 95a urethane, wrapped in a nice modern slim shape with a round lip!

The Snot Rockets feature a classic SB print that adds rawness to any board.

Slime Balls Snot Rockets are inspired by the original. Rocking these punk colors, a great shape, and a true high performance that you would expect from this wheel. Perfect for all around use and will dominate bowls or street. Made for catching some sick air. Charging in with a slim contact patch, these bad boys are easy to slide.

The Slime Balls Snot Rockets wheels are a perfect addition to set up on a street operations board, while 95a urethane absorbs a significant amount of road vibrations. A great choice for those wanting to skate street and vert on the same set of wheels.


  • Diameter: 54mm
  • Durometer: 95a
  • Width: 32mm
  • Contact Patch: 16.5mm
  • Modern shape with rounded edges
  • Great for street and transition
  • All terrain urethane
  • More here: SANTA CRUZ

Santa Cruz Slime Balls Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Screaming Vlog 80 begins up on the roof! SC Pro Jereme Knibbs gets busy going up and down the rooftop finding all of the lines while SC Video Manager Joe Perrin gets his back on a clip! Next we are off to the infamous brick QPs where we link with SC Pro Emmanuel Guzman for some more ripping while SC Team Manager Eric Palozzolo gets some ripping in as well! Keep it locked ‘Til The End’ to see us shred an abandoned house?! You definitely WON’T want to miss this one! See y’all next week for some more stoke!



Largest selection of Slimeballs in Canada Pickup CalStreetsThe Santa Cruz Slime Balls are coming in hot fully loaded with fresh slime ball urethane just for your enjoyment. These bad boys are a perfect addition to set up with some risers and you got yourself the ultimate slasher to charge through the streets or the park! Slime Balls come on sized down retro shapes from the heyday of the 80s. Keep it slimey! These bad boys are a perfect addition to set up on new school or old deck and you got yourself the ultimate slasher to charge through the streets or the park!

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards Sales Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverSanta Cruz Skateboards, nestled in the skateboarder's paradise of Santa Cruz, California, burst onto the scene in 1973. Picture this: Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman, probably sporting some epic '70s hairdos, get together and say, "Hey, let's start NHS Inc. and shake up the skate world."  With over four decades of skateboarding smarts (that's like, 280 in dog years of skate knowledge), Santa Cruz isn't just a brand; it's a skateboarding legend. Thanks to the mind-blowing graphics from the artist extraordinaire Jim Phillips, their decks are more iconic than a rock star's guitar. And let's talk about NHS's brand family – it's like the Avengers of skateboarding gear. They distribute the who's who of skate brands: Santa Cruz Skateboards (obviously), Creature Skates for the monster in you, Independent Truck Co. (the backbone of your board), Bronson Speed Co. (because who doesn't like speed?)!
Santa Cruz Skateboards

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 8 cm


Wheel Size

Contact Patch