Schmitt Stix

Schmitt Stix Ripsaw Mini Cruiser Complete 8.75″ X 28.4″ Red


Rolling its way into becoming the newest tool in your quiver with matte black Tri-Star trucks and conical wheels to accommodate for an all-terrain ride is the Schmitt Stix Ripsaw Mini Cruiser Complete!

Simply, just pull it out of the box, jump on it and cruise the streets like no tomorrow!

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  • Established 1978
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Schmitt Stix Rails NOS Rails White Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Schmitt Stix Ripsaw Mini Cruiser Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Schmitt Stix Ripsaw Mini Cruiser is a perfect complete for all of your cruising needs.

This Schmitt Stix Mini Cruiser will make you appreciate many types of skateboarding. Yes, it’s a cruiser, but it’s still 360 capable. Whether it’s a trip to the beach in the summer, a cruise to class, a trip to the grocery store or you would just rather have more fun than walking, the Vision mini cruiser takes the cake.

This complete is a great option for anyone looking to roll around. Just perfect for transportation or pleasure, these boards are appropriate for beginners and advanced riders. This is a great cruise and have a usable kick tail for added fun! 


  • Width: 8.75″
  • Length: 29.4″
  • 129mm Tri-Star Trucks: Black
  • Conical 60mm Wheels: Black
  • 1/2″ Wedge Risers
  • Psycho ABEC 7 Bearings
  • More here: SCHMITT STIX

Chris Miller, Rodney Mullen, Craig Johnson and friends. Check out more of the Vision line here: Vision Skateboards


Schmitt Stix

Buy Schmitt Stix Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup Schmitt Stix was founded by skateboard craftsman Paul "the Professor" Schmitt in the early 1980's. Schmitt Stix is owned and operated under Select Distribution, who also owns established brands such as Elephant, Hosoi, Palisades, The Pickle Board Co., and Magic. As a brand that is well known and loved for their old school designs, Schmitt Stix decks are still inspired by their original blueprints and remain as popular as ever among riders of all ages.
Schmitt Stix skateboard decks are constructed and built with a deep, modern concave shape for sturdy footing, balance, and control. Designed in traditional and cruiser shapes, Schmitt Six designs boards for skates passionate about freestyle riding, speed, and performing technical tricks!
Schmitt Stix

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