RAREThe Heated Wheel

The Heated Wheel Polarizer FORMICA Deck 6.0″ x 27.5″ BLACK


Inspired by skateboard designs of the 60s, Polarizers are designed to be used with roller skate trucks, and turn on a dime. Relive the early days of skating, with modern urethanes and construction for a one of a kind experience. 


Gallery photos courtesy  Professor Schmitt Facebook.

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Heat Wheel Decks Neil Blender Canada Pickup VancouverHeated Wheel Polarizer Skateboard for Sale Vancouver CanadaHeated Wheel Polarizer for Sale Vancouver Canada

The Heated Wheel Polarizer decks are a small deck, with a Formica laminate and convex concave. Designed to turn on a dime, and surf sidewalks.

“Polarizers are hot, dude. It’s basically a skateboard. It’d be like if skateboarding continued without anything getting wider… And now with all the good equipment, the good urethanes, it makes it so rad. The fast wheels, the bearings, the bushings, it’s all about bushings, dude…” -Neil Blender

These boards are designed to be used with roller skate trucks, and feature a convex concave design, to allow the board to roll under your feet, and create a comfortable cruising experience. At 6 inches wide concave becomes very ineffective, so Neil flipped it around!

Inspired by skateboard designs of the 60s, Polarizers are sure to be a nostalgic head turner, whether it’s the grocery store or the skatepark. Grab your favorite bearings and cruiser wheels, chop up some old roller skates and get out!


The Heated Wheel Sportsman Skateboards Neil Blender Canada Pickup Vancouver

Watch Neil Blender rip around on a Polarizer with Bones Rough Riders wheels!




The Heated Wheel

The Heated Wheel Neil Blender Art Canada Pickup VancouverThe Heated Wheel is Neil Blender’s skateboard/art venture. They make ’90s shapes, modern popsicles, accessories, NB art, and “polarizers”. Inspired by the early days of skateboarding, “polarizers” are skinny and compact decks that are meant to be set up with narrow rollerskate trucks. 
The Heated Wheel

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Dimensions 80 × 15 × 2 cm

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