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Toy Machine Future Complete 8.25″ x 32″ Green


The Toy Machine Future Complete comes pre-assembled and ready to ride right out of the box!

Featuring a signature 7-ply Maple construction and high quality 5.25 Ruckus trucks, 52mm Toy Machine wheels, and Abec rated bearings for the best all-around skating performance!

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Toy Machine Future Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupToy Machine Future Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupReady to ride right out the box is the Toy Machine Future Complete!

This professional quality skateboard measures in with dimensions of 8.25″ wide by 32″ long. As a result, this makes it ideal fro every skill level, whether you’re a beginner just starting with their first board or a pro looking for a slick board to shred. 

Featuring Toy Machine’s signature 7-ply Maple construction with moderate concave, this complete was built for strength and durability. In addition, the solid construction provides a crisp ever longing pop.

This complete comes pre-built and ready to charge the streets or hit the park with premium components like 5.25 Ruckus trucks, 52mm Toy Machine wheels, and Abec rated bearings for the best all-around performance right out of the box. Overall, these components will provide you with a smooth turning geometry and tons of stability, while the 52mm wheels are designed for smooth cruising around town or shredding in the skate park.


  • Deck width: 8.25″
  • Deck length: 32″
  • Wheelbase: 14″
  • 5.25 Ruckus Trucks
  • Abec 5 rated bearings
  • Toy Machine 52mm 98a wheels
  • More here: TOY MACHINE SKATE

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The Toy Machine Crew takes and extended stay overseas to destroy all epic terrain China has to offer.


Toy Machine

Toy Machine Dealer Vancouver Canada Buy OnlineIt was either machine skateboards or toy skateboards. Huh? Yeah thats where Toy Machine came from. Shortly after TV skateboards fell through (his company with Mike Vallely) Ed Templeton was debating between the two names. Eventually they were just stuck together and the rest is history.
Toy Machine

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