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Vision Grigley II Mini Reissue Deck 9.25″ X 29.5″ Red Stain


The Vision Grigley II Mini Reissue is great to set up as a lightweight mini cruiser, but can also rip bowls, thanks to its full size wheelbase! 

John’s Grigley III Mini deck rocks an original mellow concave with a short pointy nose, and a big square tail. It is made to the exact specifications of the original design and it’s still being made by the same company that made them. Overall, this is a perfect platform to kick it the ’80s style on!

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Vision Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver

Vision Grigley II Mini Reissue Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupJohn A. Grigley’s second pro model ever is here, coming out of a time capsule. Featuring a big square tail, “money bumps”, a wider front foot area, and a short nose with no kick. This one has an original concave with a quite standard 14.5″ wheelbase. Slash come back alleys or carve a bowl on the Vision Grigley II Mini board! 

Made in the U.S.A., this Vision board is made by people who stay true to their heritage, while coming out with new shapes and modernizing the old ones. 


John A Grigley Mini 2 skateboard Vision 1988 Canada Pickup Vancouver

This is a day in the life of Andy Takakjian. Andy is an original Vision Streetwear artist responsible for the creation of boards like the Psycho Stick and the ‘Gonz’. Vision classic Re-Issues are made to the exact specifications of the original design and it’s still being made by the same company that made them! It’s hard to go wrong when the original company if they’re still continuing to make the board from the 80’s! Vision keeps it fresh and funky with their timeless graphics. Check out more of the Vision line here: Vision Skateboards


Vision Skateboards

Vision Hosoi Schmitt Stix Tracker Skateboards Canada Pickup VancouverStarted in 1976 by Brad Dorfman, Vision initially began as a skateboard brand, sponsoring the likes of Mark Gonzales, Mark 'Gator' Rogowski and Tom Groholski. In the early 80's Vision sports released their first pro model skateboard for skater Mark 'Gator' Rogowski. This was followed by a release of a pro model deck for skater Mark Gonzales, both designed by Los Angeles-based artist Andy Takakjian. Gonzales went on to release a few more pro models with Vision before departing to form Blind Skateboards, (a play-on words with Vision) with World Industries. Vision was also one of the first skate brands to connect with the subculture of music, releasing skate decks from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beastie Boys and Agent Orange. 
Vision Skateboards

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