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Schmitt Stix

*Warped As Hell* Schmitt Stix Yard Stix REISSUE Deck 9.625″ x 36″ Black




Warped as Hell, the perfect wall hanger for all those collectors who want a deal!

The monstrous 18.75″ wheelbase really cement this deck as a Reissue/longboard cross. Designed to look like a yardstick and with the specs to match, the absolutely massive Yard Stix deck from Schmitt is the perfect city cruiser. Tapping into the authentic skate scene, Schmitt Stix represented some of the sport’s most recognizable skaters at the time!

NOTE: this board is warped as hell. Simply make our loss your gain!

In stock | This board is WARPED AS HELL, final sale only!

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  • Skate Everything!
  • Established 1978
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Schmitt Stix Yardstick Canada Pickup Vancouver

Schmitt Stix Canada Yard Stix Online Pickup VancouverSchmitt Stix Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver

WARPED AS HELL! The perfect wall hanger for all those collectors who want a great deal!

The Schmitt Stix Yard Stix deck is a blast from the past! At 36″ long, it’s about as long as a longboard, and thanks to that you get the stability to boot. Named after the fact that it is exactly 1 yard, this deck lends itself to cruising and maybe some bowl riding for the skilled rider.

The super mellow concave gives you huge freedom while riding, and the squared kicktail is extra wide for easy maneuverability. The monstrous 18.75″ wheelbase really cement this deck as a Reissue/longboard cross.


Vision Hosoi Schmitt Skateboards Completes Canada Pickup Vancouver

Rare unseen footage of the Schmitt Stix Skateboard team in Paul’s backyard 1986


Schmitt Stix

Buy Schmitt Stix Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup Schmitt Stix was founded by skateboard craftsman Paul "the Professor" Schmitt in the early 1980's. Schmitt Stix is owned and operated under Select Distribution, who also owns established brands such as Elephant, Hosoi, Palisades, The Pickle Board Co., and Magic. As a brand that is well known and loved for their old school designs, Schmitt Stix decks are still inspired by their original blueprints and remain as popular as ever among riders of all ages.
Schmitt Stix skateboard decks are constructed and built with a deep, modern concave shape for sturdy footing, balance, and control. Designed in traditional and cruiser shapes, Schmitt Six designs boards for skates passionate about freestyle riding, speed, and performing technical tricks!
Schmitt Stix

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 36 × 9 × 5 cm
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