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2016 Boosted V2 Arrives in Vancouver

Boosted Electric Boards Canada


Boosted 2nd Generation Electric Skateboard Vancouver CanadaA high-density city, campus or neighborhood is a great place to live and work, but it can be a Boosted Electric Skateboard Vancouver Authorized Dealerfrustrating place to get around. From congestion to limited space to bike thieves, many factors make transportation slower, more expensive and less fun.

We’re focused on building simple, efficient, and fun ways to make this better.

The Boosted board integrates well with today’s mix of transportation, from public transit to private vehicles to ride sharing. It can be carried in cars and on public transit, or it can be a primary vehicle for short distances. It easily goes indoors and upstairs and doesn’t require parking. It also has low overhead and costs for energy and maintenance.

While our boards offer incredible performance and are so much fun to ride, they are also reliable and dependable everyday vehicles. In fact, more than half the respondents in our most recent rider survey use their boards frequently or daily for commuting.

Some riders cover hundreds of miles each month, and we’re especially proud that the boards connected to our app have cumulatively covered over a million miles.

Today, we’re excited to announce our 2nd generation board. Our design and engineering teams focused on opening up longer distances and more riding conditions while improving safety, reliability, and durability.

This makes the board an even better solution to some of the acute transportation challenges we face. Here’s a highlight of what’s new in the 2nd generation board:

Boosted 2nd Generation Electric Skateboard Vancouver Canada


Swapable Battery with Optional Extended Range: There are now two battery options, both swapable in minutes so you can chose the range you need. The standard 99 watt-hour battery averages 6-7 miles (10-11 km) of range and is air-transport certified. The extended range 199 watt-hour battery averages 12-14 miles (20-22 km) while adding an incredibly light 0.75 lbs (340 g) and slim 0.3 in (8 mm) to the battery enclosure. Neither affects the bamboo deck’s flexibility and handling.

Water Resistance: The battery, electronics, and motors are now shielded against water damage, so puddles and damp conditions won’t damage them.

Upgraded Radio Connectivity: The Bluetooth radio that connects the board to the remote is upgraded for improved signal strength and security. We’ve also added a second Bluetooth radio to allow a full-time connection to your phone or smartwatch for ride tracking, dashboards and more.

Upgraded Deck and Drivetrain: The board is still based on the amazing Loaded Vanguard deck. The Orangatang wheels are now 80mm for a smoother ride, and the trucks are now custom for improved carving. Upgrades to the motors and transmission have resulted in more motor torque, cooler operation, lighter weight and easier maintenance. Our belt drive transmission still multiples motor torque by 3x, giving you better braking, acceleration and hill climbing.

Accessory Port: A high-power, water resistant port can now be used to power external accessories like onboard headlights, taillights and charging ports.

Modular Components: Board components are now modular and user swapable, allowing you to easily service and upgrade your board, minimizing downtime and getting you back to riding sooner.

Your board warranty is now 1 year from your date of shipment.
This replaces your previous 90-day warranty.

The warranty covers defects in workmanship and material. This does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, negligence, accident or riding in water. For all returns and warranty shipping, please keep your shipping box.  Please note that belts, wheels and bearings are wear items and are not covered under warranty.


  • The big problem with transportation, everyone knows that short distances (between 0.5 and 3 miles) are annoying. It’s just far enough that walking takes a lot of time, but other options aren’t ideal.
  • Time – the kind you waste in traffic and parking in a car, or finding a rack and locking your bike
  • Space – where you fill up garages or parking lots, or room in a crowded hallway or stairwell
  • Money – the cost of gas plus wear and tear on your car, or the potential for theft of your bike
  • Convenience – maybe you don’t like to bike in 100 degree heat, or show up to work after a 30 minute uphill walk
  • Energy and infrastructure – you want to stop paying for fuel, contributing to congestion, and demanding more roads and gas stations
  • Public transit – it’s too far from where you live and work, or you have to make multiple transfers to get to your destination.

Boosted 2nd Generation Electric Skateboard Vancouver CanadaHOW IT WORKS: You start with a handheld remote with throttle and braking control and a battery gauge readout. To charge it, simply plug in the included charger just like a laptop, phone, or any other device. If you run out of charge, or you just feel like pushing, go for it – it still rolls like a normal longboard (but with a little bit of drag). That’s it… it’s that simple. Use it anywhere Boosted Boards – On Campus.

TESTIMONIALS: It’s way more fun than I expected it to be. It reminds me of riding a motorcycle for the first time. The feeling of being propelled forward and feeling the open air on you is really incredible. It’s different than… skateboarding or bicycling because you have this magic device that propels you, and it feels like flying. -A.I.

TESTIMONIALS: I just spent a few hours riding around my neighborhood and now that I have the hang of it, it is AWESOME. What an incredibly exhilarating experience. – G.T.

TESTIMONIALS: I’ve been riding it to work every day and then some. Riding it has been a blast & it get’s soooo much attention. Thanks so much! -R.M.

TESTIMONIALS: The board is awesome, i’ve been riding it every chance i get! -J.M.

It’s important to note that while we’ve built an amazing electric vehicle, it’s also still a longboard. That means you can still fall, still hurt yourself or others, or worse.

PLEASE wear safety gear (helmets and pads) while riding and be aware of other vehicles and people. Don’t ride outside your limits, and finally, use common sense.

Legality: Laws and regulations regarding electric vehicles, electric longboards or electric skateboards, and regular longboards/skateboards vary by country, province, and municipality, so please check the legal status of this product before you ride it.


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