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Skate Skateboard Obstacles for Sale Canada

Skate Skateboard Obstacles for Sale Canada

With 5 different colours, two lengths fantastic lengths to choose from and 128 unique height and angled settings, the Transformer Rail gives you everything you could want out of a bench, flat bar, or round rail. That’s right, this rail is a three in one with a ton of height settings to choose from. Skate up it, down it, across it or even over it! This is like a skatepark in one obstacle!

The Transformer Rail not only looks cool and skates great but it helps you progress faster! Learn it on the bench setting, take it to the flat bar then switch it to the round bar for ultimate trick dialed in status! Bump up the height for added perfectionism to your newly learned tricks!

The height differences really allow this rail to be enjoyed by novice to professional skaters.

It has 4 different bench heights without being angled as an up or down bench. Start out at a foot high and work your way up to 14”, 16” then finally 18” for all your bench tricks! It even has 12 angled bench positions to choose from! In flat bar mode the rail can be set at eight different heights.

Transformer Rail Drive Way Vancouver CanadaFrom smallest to biggest it can be set up at 13.25”, 15.5”, 16.5”, 17.25”, 18.5”, 19.25”, 20.5”, and 22.5”. The round bar can be set at 14 1/8”, 16 1/8”, 17 3/8”,18 1/8”, 19 3/8”, 20 1/8”, 21 3/8” and 23 3/8”. Not to mention 96 angled positions between the two rail set ups!

Talk about durability and portability! The bench top sheet is made from high performance polymer that has been tested for years and stood the test of time against cracks and chips. The feet of this rail are made from metal tubes and are professionally welded so they will not bend like other flat feet rails. The frame itself for the whole rail is carbon steel, making it the strongest and most stable rail available ever.

Transformer Rail Drive Way Vancouver CanadaThe Transformer Rail comes in a 6 foot and 8 foot length and weighs in at 55 and 65 pounds making it the perfect drop spot. Long enough to really get a good lock in on your grinds and heavy enough that it wont move around but is still portable! You can even manual it with its 12 inch wide surface in bench mode!Transformer Rails Header Vancouver