Wall Mount Hardware

CalSteets Acrylic Skateboard Wall Rack Display Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupIntroducing the ultimate way to showcase your completes collection or for your shop display – The CalStreets Acrylic Skateboard Wall Rack. If you’re all about those re-issues and love displaying your completes, this accessory is a must-have!

What sets this rack apart is its clear, acrylic construction – it practically disappears, leaving your decks to take center stage. You can use it to show off your collection for retail purposes, or simply use it at home to elevate your deck display game.

Mounting the rack is a breeze – you can either use the two mounting holes to attach it to walls or use the bracket provided to mount it on slat walls.

This heavy-duty rack can hold up to four decks or one complete setup at a time, making it perfect for any type of skateboard enthusiast.

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