Perfect for New & Reissue collectors or just to hang your deck art professionally! TigerClaw is the answer, it is a minimalist system with clean lines for installing skateboards on a wall. It was designed to be easy to install, solid and above all, invisible. 

Transparent screws are used for a discreet look, while white color brings a sleek design.  The TigerClaw  is incredibly discreet and simple and will hold your decks beautifully on your wall!

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TigerClaw Supplies Wall Mount System Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

TigerClaw Skateboard Wall Mount System Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverTigerclaw Supplies Skateboard Mounts Canada Pickup Vancouver

The TigerClaw Wall Mount CLAW is a self leveling, easy to install, minimalist skateboard mounting system. 

Perfect for you collection of old school reissues!

Tigerclaw kit comes complete with a sturdy metal hanger, clear acrylic mounting hardware, a beautiful sticker.

Featured with standard truck holes, Claw is compatible with skates and cruisers of any shape, and it takes only 1 minute to install. It can be adjusted with ease, and requires only one small nail to be fixated on the wall.

TigerClaw Skateboard Wall Mount is a great idea for anyone looking to mount their favorite reissue or deck artwork!  These mounting kits come with everything you need to mount your board cleanly to your wall in a short amount of time.

This kit boasts an innovative feature which is a single screw mounting system! You only have to make one hole in your wall in order to mount it, which means you don’t have to worry about leveling it.

Just choose the spot on your wall, throw a screw in your wall, mount the Claw to your board with the supplied clear acrylic mounting hardware. Then all you have to do is slide the mount onto the screw and the board will level its self!

TIGERCLAW Supplies is a young, design-driven manufacturer of skate goods, aiming to support artists and art lovers to present art on skateboards.

Yeah, it’s that simple!

TigerClaw Skateboard Wall Mount System Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver


  1. Put the screws in the holes & fix the Claw,
  2. Place the Claw to the screw of your wall,
  3. Contemplate your beautiful skateboard.

TigerClaw Skateboard Wall Mount System Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

The TigerClaw Deck Display System is incredibly discreet and simple and will hold your REISSUE decks beautifully on your wall! Check out this  great video from the guys at CalStreets Boarder.Labs!! #reissuedept #calstreets



Tiger Claw Skateboard Mounts Canada Pickup VancouverThe idea of TIGERCLAW Supplies starting to grow in our minds one night in 2018, when Ken received 2 skateboards. Hoping to decorate his studio with these brand-new boards, Keflione spent hours on the Internet trying to find an effective system to install them.
But his attempt was fruitless. The next day, he called Romain to express his frustration, and proposed to create their own installing solutions.
A few months later, the final prototype was ready and the first production of skate binding was launched. Without further ado, it was shipped to Romain in France and not soon after orders started to come from all over the world.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 cm