TailSkids Skid Plates Black KP I (VER 2) 4" WIDTH X 1.25" HIGH
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SK8KINGS ROUND EDGE Nose or Tail Skid- KP I (VER 2) 4" WIDTH X 1.25" HIGH BLACK $24.95
Powell Peralta Tail Bones Skid Plates Canada pickup CalStreets Vancouver Powell Peralta 8.0" Tail Bone Black $19.50
NEW 70`s 80`s OLD STOCK

Tail Feathers NEW OLD STOCK Skid Plate 9″ Burgundy


This burgundy skid plate from Tail Feathers is ready to save your tail and spice up your setup!

This is a rare deadstock item from the ’80s, you could say it waited for around 40 years to finally end up on your board!

Made from long lasting UHMW Polyethylene plastic to endure the trauma of skateboarding. They come packaged with crystal clear installation instructions and the necessary hardware to attach the skid plate to your deck. Its a great way to add some old school flare or make your tail last longer.

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Tail Feather Skidplate Skateboard Collector Hoarder Canada Pickup Vancouver

Skateboard Skate Hoarder CalStreets Collector Canada Pickup Vancouver

This skid plate by Tail Feathers have emerged from a secret stash to help preserve the life of your tail. This is a real ’80s deadstock item that’s been patiently waiting to pair up with some awesome shaped board. These UHMW Polyethylene Tail Feathers have been used for decades and were most popular in the ’80s. Now it’s time to put it back to work.

Tail Feathers feature 2 holes per skid. They require some drilling through the deck, which is easily accomplished thanks to the super easy to use instructions that are included. Tail Feathers improve the length of the life of your tail while also providing a quicker tail to ground pop action.

They are an amazing retrofit for any classic board or improvement on any modern skateboard. So make it last longer, or make it look cooler on the wall. Tail Feathers is a classic name you can trust. These tail skids are made from a long lasting UHMW Polyethylene plastic for maximum durability and comes with a full set of hardware ready to use. 8.5” wide to fit most skateboards.


  • Assembly instructions included
  • UHMW Polyethylene
  • 2 Phillips head bolts included
  • ’80s DEADSTOCK ITEM, made in USA
  • Size: 9″

Tail Feathers Skid Plate Canada Pickup Vancouver

Skid plates were once a fairly common way to prolong the life of a skateboard, but now almost solely exist on the underside of freestyle boards. Why do we still use them? Because razortail + pogos = dead board. And considering how quickly freestyle can razortail a skateboard, anything that can protect a kicktail is worth using. I know the video’s a bit long, but it (hopefully) covers everything you’ll need to know about putting skid plates on your deck.


NEW 70`s 80`s OLD STOCK

Skateboard Skate Hoarder CalStreets Collector Canada Pickup VancouverCalStreets has been Living the skate life for decades, we have made great friends and connections all over the world. We are lucky to showcase some of the rare skate artifacts from our past. CalStreets has been around for over 40 years and we are humbled and appreciate the support from skaters from all genres! Whether you're a hardcore collector, looking for a gift for that person who has everything, or just going down memory lane, this is the place to be. With products dating decades back, these are all original artifacts, sitting for years for your nostalgic pleasure. Please note due to the age of the products there may be scratches and general shop wear after decades of storage in skateboard vaults around the world. ALL PURCHASES OF NEW OLD STOCK - RECIVE FREE ``CalStreets Skate Hoarder Sticker`` While Supplies Last
NEW 70`s 80`s OLD STOCK

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