101 Natas Sock Puppet Sticke Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup 101 Natas Sock Puppet Sticker 2.5" x 5" Green $4.00
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101 Natas McNatt Star Of Satan Sticker 3″ Brown


This 101 Natas McNatt Star Of Satan Sticker is ready to put on a show and is the perfect accessory to make your stuff rad with its approx. diameter of 3 inches!

Stick em up high, stick em down low! Slap this 101 Natas McNatt Star Of Satan Sticker features a prefect size to place on your car, girlfriend, skateboard or anything you can think of. The strong adhesive will keep them stuck on pretty much anything. As long as it’s dry, stick it!

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Natas Kaupas 101 Canada pickup Vancouver

101 Natas McNatt Star Of Satan Sticker Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup101 Natas Panther Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupA skater’s recommended choice! This 101 Natas McNatt Star Of Satan Sticker comes in with an approx. diameter of 3″ ready to add life to any object you desire to place it on!

This rad 101 Natas McNatt Star Of Satan Sticker features a timeless graphic, and will perfectly go with anything you choose to put it on, whether that’s a fridge, deck, bumper, or anything in between!

As long as its dry, stick it! Stick em up high, stick em down low!

CalStreets has been a Vancouver destination for stickers for over 40 years, and now with over 25 feet of sticker showcase we have thousands of stickers in stock.

Not only do we have an amazing collection of skate stickers we also stock NOS (New Old Stock) from the ’70s and ’80s. It’s time to set yourself up for success and becoming the legend you’re destined to be.


101 Natas Sock Puppet Sticker Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

He’s a true pioneer in taking full advantage of existing street terrain and here’s just one chapter in Natas’ epic legacy. Keith Hufnagel introduces a classic part from the 1989 Santa Cruz video.




In 1991, Steve Rocco, a professional skateboarder and the founder of World Industries skateboards, approached Natas Kaupas with an exciting proposition—to start their own brand. This proposition prompted Kaupas to depart from SMA and establish 101 Skateboards, a venture that would soon leave an indelible mark on the skateboarding scene.  Over the course of its 6 to 7 years of existence, 101 Skateboards boasted an exceptionally talented roster of renowned skaters. The team comprised individuals who would go on to shape and redefine the sport, including the likes of Natas Kaupas, Gabriel Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Adam McNatt, Clyde Singleton, Gino Iannucci, Jason Dill, Kris Markovich, Andy Stone, Leigh Peterson, and Marcus McBride. Their collective skill, innovative tricks, and distinctive styles cemented 101 Skateboards as a formidable presence within the skateboarding community. Today, the Heritage Reissues serve as a nostalgic homage to the original and iconic 101 boards. These reissued boards embody the essence of skateboarding history and have become highly sought-after items among skateboard collectors. With their timeless designs and rich heritage, the Heritage Reissues from 101 Skateboards hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts, providing a tangible link to an influential era in the sport's evolution.

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