Abec 11 65mm NoSkoolZ 94A

$55.95 $39.95-29%


Abec 11 65mm NoSkoolZ 94A

$55.95 $39.95-29%

The Abec 11 65mm NoSkoolZ are awesome small wheels that are great on any setup!

Whether you’re riding a small board and you want a little more cushion for the pushing, or a large board and you want small wheels to kick out and freeride a lot easier. No matter your style of skate, NoSkoolZ have got you covered.

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ABEC11 65mm NoSkoolzThe 65mm Abec 11 NoSkoolZ longboard skateboard wheel is a versatile center set wheel that can be used for many different styles of skating. Lets face it, when it comes to urethane, Abec 11 knows what they’re doing and the NoSkoolZ’ are a prime example of their ingenuity.

Offering a wide range of durometers, you can take NoSkoolZ’ just about anywhere. The softer duros are perfect for transforming your street board into a city cruiser. Slap on a set of harder Noskools and enjoy them in the park. But it doesn’t end there.

The NoSkoolZ’ make an excellent longboard freeride wheel. Take them to the hill and you’ll learn quickly why they are a favorite. Their wide contact patch, yet small size makes them agile, fast and adaptive.

For those looking to get into more hybrid skating, the NoSkoolZ’ are lightweight enough for ollies yet still perfect for busting slides and slashing objects.

  • Contact Patch 36mm
  • 94a – 64mm
  • Width 52mm
  • Round edges
  • Classic Thane
  • Buttery smooth slides
  • Offered in multiple duros

Here’s some riding action on the ABEC 11, NoSkoolZ, 65mm with Louis Ricard.


Abec 11

ABEC-11-HEADER-MIKEAbec 11 was born out of a desire to develop high performance products for skateboarders. By using state of the art technology and high quality urethane, Abec 11 is able to deliver superior products at a reasonable cost for skaters. Quote: "The worlds best wheels, made in the USA!"
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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm


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