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The Mob Grip Roller is made to ensure maximum bond pressure when applying Mob Grip. Tired of air bubbles on your grip? Do you need a tool that is intended to be used for it? Than we got you covered.

The New Mob Grip Roller is a perfect tool for finishing up a perfect grip job for your decks. Mob is the #1 chosen griptape of hundreds of professional skaters and moreover millions of regular day joe skaters like us. With the Mob Grip Tool Mob gets it and is providing the tools we need to rip it up.

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Sick of those pesky air bubbles messing up your grip tape game? Time to level up with the Mob Grip Roller – your ultimate tool for getting that grip on point!

You know the struggle – you lay down your grip tape, give it your all, and boom, air bubbles show up uninvited. Well, say goodbye to those grip tape hiccups. The Mob Grip Roller is designed to give you that maximum bond pressure you need to lay down your Mob Grip like a pro.

No more frustration, just perfect grip jobs every time. This tool is like your secret weapon for nailing that seamless finish on your decks. And let’s talk about Mob Grip – the top choice of countless pro skateboarders across the globe, as well as us regular skater dudes.

The new Mob Grip Roller is here to up your grip tape game and ensure you’re riding in style and comfort. With this bad boy in hand, you’re equipped with the ultimate skater’s toolkit.

So, whether you’re a pro or just shredding for the love of it, let Mob Grip and the Mob Grip Roller be your dynamic duo for ripping up those streets and parks. Get ready to grip it and rip it like a true skate legend!


With Hundreds of barely-visible perforations that allow air to escape for a bubble-free application, MOB Grip is the easiest to grip a skateboard deck with – The #1 Griptape Choice of Professional Skateboarders. Grip it, and Rip it!

CalStreets Mob Gripper's Union Collab Canada Pickup Vancouver



MOB Grip

Mob, viscious, hammer, blood orange griptape pimpsCalStreets + Mob Griptape Collab Canada. Concrete Art Vancouver.Graphic Mob, the newest and latest creations from Mob Grip, skateboarding’s premium grip tape. CalStreets is proud to be a GRIPPER'S UNION PARTNER with the release of our MOB griptape in November 2022! Graphic Mob features a groundbreaking process that locks full color illustrations and crystal clear photographs into the grit, without sacrificing the durability, grip, and feel that makes Mob the #1 choice of professional skateboarders. Mob's advanced process produces extremely durable graphics, from small 'deck top' sizes to full sheet graphics, that are guaranteed to outlast your board.
Graphic Mob and the various co-brand partners that include: RipNdip, CalStreets (Canada), Suicidal Skates, Primitive, Alien Workshop, Almost, Altamont, Anti Hero, Bad Shit, Blind, Creature, Emerica, eS, Etnies, Fallen, 4 Star, Go Skateboarding Day, Habitat, Hubba, Independent, Krooked, Mystery, Santa Cruz, Spitfire, Star Wars, Supra, The Berrics, Thrasher, Toy Machine, Zero... and more to come.
MOB Grip

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Dimensions 33 × 10 × 2 cm