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Ace Trucks Performance Pivot Cups Black (2 pack)


The Ace Trucks Performance Pivot Cups are a direct OEM replacement which fits all classic and low Ace trucks!

As a result, these replacements come handy when your worn-in trucks develop slop and to them. With a replacement of these pivot cups in your trucks, they will feel more stable, and have you turning precise once again, with metal-to-metal contact is eliminated!

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Ace Trucks Performance Pivot Cups Black Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupAce Trucks Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupAce Trucks Performance Pivot Cups is the way to go when your trucks start to feel a little unstable!

This model is developed specifically for all classic and low Ace trucks and will work with all of their models. However, they will fit well in many similar TKP trucks (e.g. Independent, Tracker, Krux, Thunder and so on).

Worn out pivot cups don’t provide same response, feel sloppy, and in some cases may even cause metal-to-metal contact.

Last thing you want is your pivot flying out of the housing. The Ace Pivot Cups address all of these issues, making your trucks feel like new: stable, dependable, and responsive. 

Give your trucks a proper refresh and swerve through the streets with precise Ace Trucks turn. Fresh pivot cups have numerous advantages like your trucks feeling more stable, turning is precise once again, and metal-to-metal contact is eliminated.


  • Sold as a pair
  • Direct replacement for any Ace truck
  • Works for many other truck brands 
  • High rebound compound
  • Eliminate the slop
  • Provide precise turning once again!
  • Includes Ace Trucks sticker
  • More here: ACE TRUCKS

Ace Trucks Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Ace Trucks x B.P. Trading hosted Raven Tershy, Tom Remillard, Ronnie Sandoval, Bennett Harada, Shota Kubo, Genki Sunagawa along with owners Shrewgy and Joey Tershay on a journey through their homeland that included stops in Yokohama, Tokyo, Zushi, Anaka, Nagano, Hakuba, Shirakawago, Kanagawa, Toyama, Mie and ending in Osaka. Part 1 of 3. Editing and primary camera work by Aaron Chilen of the Our Life, “House” video infamy.


ACE Trucks In 2006, Joey Tershay founded Ace Trucks Mfg. in San Francisco, California. Ace Trucks benefit from over 50 years of combined skateboard truck design knowledge. Partner Steve “Shrewgy” Ruge brings the other part of those years of knowledge to the equation. Ace Trucks is independently owned and operated by a small staff of lifelong skaters. Quality without compromise is our mission. ACE Trucks has perfected its trucks in order for you to do things you never thought you could on a skateboard! Ace puts other brands to shame because its trucks are thicker in the center for added strength against shock. Ace skateboard trucks are simple and slim with controlled stability. Ace trucks are constructed of titanium axles and steel kingpins to ensure they are of the highest quality and made for all types and levels of skateboarder. Available in a variety of styles and sizes.
ACE Trucks

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