Radical Ledge Lube Sk8 Wax 2″ Yellow


The Afternoon Sk8 Wax is the best for your slides!

This skate wax is a radical ledge lube that will have you sliding for days with your grinds and it will help minimize against sticking up while you grind. With a perfect palm size design, it allows for good all around grip to apply on your desired location for that perfect slide!

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Afternoon Sk8 Wax Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Sk8 Wax is a skater’s best friend!

The Sk8 Wax has arrived to comfort you. This great wax is available to help you slide that much better and accomplish those tricks on your to do list. Wax is a skater’s best friend, and Independent is down to help you slide longer, more consistently and better.

This wax is a slippery solution to sticky situations. Get through long ledges with ease, slide every inch of that rail and even throw a little in your wheel bite to save those tricks otherwise bailed.


afternoon skateboards @ cjs skatepark. skaters: jake borchenko, sophie grant, faye ebert, cody beaudry, chris setinas, nathaniel dean, drew fraser. filmed by ryan buxton, regan hogdson, jake borchenko. edited by ryan buxton

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 35 × 20 cm