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Riptide Arsenal Precision Pivot Cups – WFB 96a


After years of development on a secret mountain, the ARSENAL PRECISION Riptide Pivot Cups were created. Made specifically for ARSENAL precision trucks, these babies will reduce the slop in your truck to zero and have you rolling faster than ever!

Your turns will be alive once you put these in your trucks. Get smoother, more precise turns with these top quality pivot cups.

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Riptide Bushings Pivotcups and Tubes Vancouver Canada

Riptide Pivot Cups PNLAfter years of testing and development the ARSENAL PRECISION Riptide Pivot Cups were born. They’re alive! Well, they might not be, but your turns will be once you put them in your trucks.

These pivot cups offer silky smooth turns by using an internally lubricated WFB Urethane. You can turn with precision and confidence knowing that the high quality thane won’t give way like some stock pivot cups may.

RipTide is dedicated to producing righteously high quality products. Don’t underestimate the importance of a proper set of bushings or pivot cups. If you are riding ARSENAL PRECISION trucks, than you need the best components available.

Don’t skimp out on the little things and your precision trucks will perform better than they ever have before. These pivot cups are made with care. At RipTide they pour the thane into custom molds before they machine fit them to the baseplate of the trucks which they are designed for.

  • Set of 2
  • Engineered for ARSENAL Precision Trucks
  • No imperfections in Pivot Area
  • Perfect for Downhill and Freeriding
  • Internally Lubricated WFB Urethane
  • 96a Durometer
  • In a dandy green colour!

Team Rider: Tate Fredlow introduces you to a new pivot cup developed and produced by PNL Truck Co. and also gives you some tips on how to do toeside checks and toeside shuv-its. It’s three things in one video!


Arsenal Trucks

1170-HEADER-LL-ARSENAL-TRUCKS-PRE400x400arsenalArsenal Precision Trucks are 100% predictable. Never any surprises whether you’re railing turns past the speed limit or sliding around your local hill. The lean feels amazing and the return to center is second to none. The Arsenal Precision truck was designed using state of the art Parametric Solid Modeling techniques and proven via FEA (Finite Element Analysis).
Arsenal design, engineering and quality control standards are cutting edge and leave no room for error. Combined with in house fatigue testing and ride testing on the most challenging runs California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains can offer, the result is an incredibility agile truck with an insane return to center and unmatched stability.

870-forged-arsenal-trucks-header"These may be the best all-around cast trucks you will ever skate"

Arsenal Cast Trucks are designed to be as close to precision as the gravity casting process can provide. With extremely low tolerances and superior engineering, Cast Arsenals are the strongest and most comfortable cast truck on the market period.
They feature tall bushings, a bushing seat that complements the aggressive geometry and allows for ample lean and stability. After hundreds of hours of testing the strength, durability, and overall feel: we believe that Cast Arsenals just may be the best cast truck you will ever ride.
Arsenal Trucks


RipTide + CalStreets Bushings Pivot Cups Canada Pickup Vancouver RipTide's all about designing and developing the sickest gear out there, no doubt. When you're searching for the perfect bushing, you gotta focus on three things: how you ride, the shape of the bushing, and the durometer. The durometer of a bushing is what determines whether it's hard or soft. And that's what's gonna give you that sweet lean you're looking for. But when you're picking out the right durometer, you gotta consider two things: your riding style and your weight. If you're all about bombing hills, you're gonna want a harder bushing for max stability. But if you're more into freeriding, a softer bushing's gonna be your jam. And don't forget about your weight, either. If you're a featherweight, go for a soft bushing. If you're packing some pounds, you'll wanna go harder.  

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