Blind Tantrum Complete 8″ x 31.625″ Blue


Blind Skateboards

Blind Tantrum Complete 8″ x 31.625″ Blue


This Blind Tantrum Skateboard Complete comes locked, loaded and ready to rip right out of the box!

Featuring a 7 ply Hardrock Maple construction with stiff glue extra for added strength and durability. With premium components like Tensor trucks and 52mm Blind 92a soft formula wheels, it provides the best overall performance!

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  • Established 1978
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Blind Tantrum Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThe Blind Tantrum complete skateboard is ready to shred!

This first push skateboard complete is the perfect option with easy turning and maximum performance. Featuring a 7 ply Hardrock Maple construction with stiff glue extra. In addition, this board is formed using a single deck press, ensuring the same shape and concave every time.

These trucks are designed to provide a light feel and responsive turning with durable grinding and sliding capabilities. Lightweight aluminum alloy body with durable steel axles and kingpins means any spot is yours to skate. 


Cody McEntire for the Blind OG Reaper Graphic Series. The Reaper is back! Be sure to skate over to our website and have a look at the amazing products we have to offer from your favourite skate companies!


Blind Skateboards

Blind Skateboards Canada Pickup Vancouver Blind is a skateboard company founded by Mark Gonzales in 1989 under Steve Rocco's World Industries distribution company. Gonzales has since left the company and today the company continues under the ownership of Dwindle Distribution. The company's logo for many years was a stylized grim reaper.
The name "Blind" was devised as an intentional slight to Gonzale's former sponsor, Vision Skateboards. Upon the brand's launch in 1989, Jason Lee moved from World Industries to Blind as its second professional rider (as founder, Gonzales was the team's first). Blind then signed Rudy Johnson and Guy Mariano, both from Powell Peralta, and Jordan Richter as its vert rider.
Blind Skateboards

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Dimensions 170 × 140 × 50 cm

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