Cadillac Wheels

Cadillac Original Wheels 56mm 78a Clear Yellow


Cadillac Original Wheels are the closest to the first urethane skate wheels ever made! These beer yellow wheels feature improved urethane to meet today’s skateboarding requirements, yet keep that 70s’ aesthetic.

Set yourself up a sick retro reissue or put them on your modern cruiser setup. These will be fun on a lazy cruise or an intense downhill session!

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Cadillac Wheels Original 56mm 78a Clear Yellow Canada Pickup VancouverCadillac Wheels Original 56mm 78a Clear Yellow Canada Pickup VancouverHere come the Cadillac Original Wheels, from a first-ever urethane skateboard wheel company! 

Coming in with a 56mm diameter, these beer yellow wheels are a perfect addition to any cruiser. In addition, the 78a clear urethane durometer is super fast while maintaining a buttery smooth feeling, even over rough pavement. These bad boys come with a no-frills side lettering and a glossy surface. The 78A urethane is super fast and smooth, whether you rip a smooth sidewalk or an ancient asphalt.

If you are into sliding,  just know that these bad boys will leave thick thane lines with its clear urethane, if you want to take these wheels for more of a wild spin! These relatively narrow wheels will be grippy at first, then allow some consistent powerslides once the contact patch roughens! 


  • Diameter: 56mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Width: 31mm
  • Contact patch: 29mm
  • Straight cut shape
  • Glossy surface
  • Beer yellow
  • Original urethane wheels
  • 70s’ aesthetic
  • More Cadillac Here

Cadillac Skateboard Wheels Canada Online Sales Vancouver

Film footage of Frank Nasworthy’s Cadillac Wheels Skateboard Park in Lighthouse Point, Florida and Indian Harbor Beach Skate Park 1978. Skaters I can I.D…. Guy Hoffman, Mark Lake and Myself… could use help with the others. The Monster Hole! 13 feet deep with 9 feet of trans and 4 feet of Vert!
You get to see the one of the beginning attempts at the Hip to Canyon Airs at CWSC and the beginnings of the Lake Flip at IHB. Film footage provided by Guy Hoffman.
Cadillac Wheels made the first ever urethane skateboard wheel in 1973. 40 years later, Cadillac is still skating and pouring ‘thane in the USA!


Cadillac Wheels

`Cadillac Wheels Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver In 1973, Cadillac skateboard wheels made a groundbreaking impact on the sport. Their introduction of translucent red urethane material completely transformed the skateboarding experience, offering riders a newfound level of smoothness and control. Prior to the Cadillac wheels, skateboarding had faced challenges with inadequate wheel materials, leading to a decline in its popularity. Wheels made of steel, plastic, clay, or other composite materials failed to provide a safe and enjoyable ride, often causing riders to be abruptly stopped by small obstacles. However, with the advent of Cadillac wheels, skateboarding saw a resurgence, as enthusiasts embraced the enhanced performance and reliability they offered. These wheels became an integral part of skateboarding, ensuring a more fluid and enjoyable ride for riders of all skill levels.
Cadillac Wheels

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