Cloud Ride

Cloud Ride Slusheez 62mm 78a


Who doesn’t love heading down to the local corner store to grab a slushee with their friends? Well, I’m sure a few people don’t actually, but forget about them!

The Cloud Ride Slusheez are made for that care free summer lifestyle. Whether you are kicking it on a chill cruise or putting your life on the line freeriding some massive hill, the Slusheez have got you covered.

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Cloud Ride Slusheez 62mm 78aCloud Ride has dropped these delicious wheels just in time for summer! Cloud Ride is famous for their incredibly slidey wheels, and these ones are no different. With a new “Slush” thane formula these wheels will deliver delectably rich and buttery slides that will leave your mouth watering.

The Cloud Ride Slusheez are a thaney, slidey, freeride wheel perfect banging out those huge standups you’ve been longing for. Cloud Ride rounded the lips and stoneground these puppies to make the first few slides even sweeter. Using our magical “Slush” thane they melted the ice to give you a wheel that slides effortlessly but also knows when to dump some thane. The Slusheez have a low tear resistance and a decent amount of drag, they thane more than the Iceez and are more controllable.

  • Size: 62mm
  • Duro: 78a
  • 36mm contact patch
  • Slidey beyond belief
  • Freeride or cruise
  • Not edible – do not consume!

“Cloud Ride Wheels team rider Devon Dotson put the new Slusheez to work!”



Cloud Ride

Cloud Ride Bearings & Wheels Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverCloud Ride is on a mission to figure out how much fun one can have on a skateboard. Thanks to Cloud Ride Wheels' you can ludicrous amounts of fun! Cloud Ride Abec 7 Bearings will transform your wheels from urethane orbs into rolling machines. Giving you the feel of skating on cloud 9.
Cloud Ride Wheels creates freeride wheels that give you consistent and smooth slides. Whether its some chill slides on a casual grade, or crazy fast freeride, Cloud Ride is a good way to go.
At Cloud Ride we spend a lot of time in the lab mixing up new and creative Urethane formulas. Get to know each of our formulations and get educated on what will work for you! 
Cloud Ride

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 cm
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