Creature Creepy Logo Sticker 3.75″ x 4″


Warning: this sticker will definitely haunt your dreams, and your Mom may kick you out of the house if you bring it in.

Creature knows creepy, and this sticker is no exception.

High quality vinyl as always.

If it doesn’t scare you now, you will be when it crawls out from under your bed tonight…

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  • Skate Everything!
  • Established 1978
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Creature Creepy Sticker Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver

Looking for a creepy sticker? Here you go! Stick this sticker on your board, car, fridge or anything you can think of!

The Creature Creepy Sticker will have it looking ultra terrifying.

Serving up the best sk8 sticker selection not only on this side of the country but possibly the globe, welcome to the CalStreets Premium Sticker Shop.

Vintage influence and modern flare, that’s what you get with decades upon decades of experience.

CREATURE Creepy Logo:

  • Creature made
  • It’s creepy
  • May make you soil your undies
  • 3.75″ X 4″

Welcome to CreachTube. This is Creature Skateboards.



Buy Creature Patched Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupWhats up fiends? Check out our Creature sticks and enjoy a little history!
Creature Skateboards was started out of NHS in 1994 by SMA team manager Russ Pope. Jason Adams, Barker Barrett and Darren Navarrette were the early riders although Adams left fairly quickly to help Pope start Scarecrow.
NHS was forced to put Creature on the shelf in the late 1990s but revived the company in the mid 2000s with Darren Navarette and Lee Charron sharing in the duties of running the team and creative direction of the company.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm