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Independent FUCK THE REST Script Sticker 8.25″ x 3.25″


Independent it a strong believer in preaching what they say and this Independent FTR Script Sticker really says it all!

It’s safe to say that skateboarding probably wouldn’t be what it is today if not for Independent, so why not show some support? Not to mention, you’ll look cooler than anyone else at the skatepark. 

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Indy Independent Trucks Canada Pickup Vancouver

Independent FTR Script Sticker Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThis sweet Independent FTR Script Sticker will look sick whether it’s on your deck, your friends face, a bag or your wall.

It’ll look dope, and it’ll tell people around you that you don’t mess around! You get down to business and are an independent person who just wants to SKATE!

Stick em up high, stick em down low! These stickers will make anything look cool! They work best on flat and dry surfaces. If you manage to peel one underwater and attach it something, let us know. 


  • Approx 8.25″ x 3.25″
  • Fuck the Rest Independent Truck Co
  • Stick it on dry surfaces
  • Make everything way cooler
  • Sold as single, unless you want to buy more

Indy Independent Trucks Canada Pickup Vancouver

Roman Pabich blasts a huge fast plant board varial over the hole at Myrtle Creek Skatepark in Oregon for his latest Independent Trucks advert.


Independent Trucks

Indy Independent Trucks Canada Pickup CalStreets Vancouver Independent Truck Company is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California, United States (US). Established in 1978, the company is owned by NHS, Inc. The trucks are manufactured in the city of San Francisco, US, by Ermico Enterprises, Inc., the only dedicated skateboard truck foundry in the US. *May 23rd 1978 was the day that changed skateboard trucks forever. That was the day the world received the gift of Independent trucks. They have made trucks non-stop since day one. Available in a wide variety of sizes and heights and even featuring the 6 hole pattern (pre 1992 compatible) base-plates on some of their larger models. Independent does everything you can to get you on the grind.* Independent trucks are probably the most well known skate trucks to date.
Independent Trucks

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