Independent Trucks

Independent Trucks 144mm Stg 11 Hollow


Experience the lightness of hollow components along with the infamous Independent turning and durability. These hollow axle, hollow kingpin trucks feature a standard cast baseplate and a 55mm height.

These will delight riders who prefer a tall geometry but would want something lighter than Indy Standards. A perfect street or transition truck for skaters of any skill level. Hollow Independent Trucks are on top of the truck game.

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Primitive Independent Mid Bling Gold Canada pickup CalStreets Vancouver

Independent Trucks Hollow Stage 11 Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverAt 10% lighter than standard stage 11’s, we present to you the Hollow Independent Trucks. They feature hollow kingpins and hollow axles. Independent Hollow trucks really are the weapon of choice for those who want maximum turning and response without adding extra weight to their setup. 

Independent Trucks Pro Series Indy Canada Pickup Online Sales CalStreets VancouverIndependent Trucks Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupThey are 55mm tall, just like Indy Standards that have been a go-to for many generations. Signature Indy high geometry allows for optimal carving in bowls and responsive turns on the streets. These Independent Hollow trucks are 10% lighter, which may be just that edge you need to get that bit of extra height and accomplish those troublesome tricks. Improving technology in trucks without sacrificing strength, that’s the best. That’s Independent.    

These trucks are great for any skill level. Riders young and old can feel the difference with Independent control versus the next leading truck. This 1978 founded brand has been innovating in skateboarding since day one. From designing trucks for serious pool skating to reinventing trucks for street use, Independent is a name you can trust.

Independent Hollow Trucks:

  • 55mm Height, 144mm Width
  • Best suited for 8.06”-8.4” decks
  • Smooth grinds, great response
  • Best with to up 56mm wheels
  • Hollow axles & kingpins
  • Set of two

Limited Independent Trucks Stage 4 CalStreets Reissue Dept Pickup Vancouver

We had a feeling that it wouldn’t be much, but we wanted to indulge our curiosities anyway and see what 1000 grinds would do to a brand new pair of Indy’s. We grabbed some of the best grinders we know, Kevin Kowalski and Mason Merlino, and sent them down south to put a hurting on these trucks. They made everyone they saw get a grind on all sorts of spots. Everything from perfect steel coping to crusty curbs was fairground and, big surprise, the trucks made it out alive. Of course we didn’t put EVERY grind in the video, because we know you don’t have time for 20 minutes of grinding, but enjoy the carnage as some of our favorite pro’s and ams put these trucks to the test!

Titanium Independent Trucks Indy Canada Pickup Online CalStreets Vancouver


Independent Trucks

Indy Independent Trucks Canada Pickup CalStreets Vancouver Independent Truck Company is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California, United States (US). Established in 1978, the company is owned by NHS, Inc. The trucks are manufactured in the city of San Francisco, US, by Ermico Enterprises, Inc., the only dedicated skateboard truck foundry in the US. *May 23rd 1978 was the day that changed skateboard trucks forever. That was the day the world received the gift of Independent trucks. They have made trucks non-stop since day one. Available in a wide variety of sizes and heights and even featuring the 6 hole pattern (pre 1992 compatible) base-plates on some of their larger models. Independent does everything you can to get you on the grind.* Independent trucks are probably the most well known skate trucks to date.
Independent Trucks

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 cm
Axle Width