Loaded Poke Carving & Slashing Factory Complete 9.125″ x 34″ Wood Grain


Featuring highly functional kicktails and a comfortable platform with concave, rocker, and wheel well flares, the Loaded Poke Carving & Slashing Factory Complete is a versatile urban explorer that keeps up with your every whim and makes each outing a creative, dynamic adventure.

Thanks to the Paris 150mm 50° trucks and Orangatang 70mm 83a Stimulus wheels combination, you are provided with smooth turns and the perfect balance of grip and slide.


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Loaded Poke Carving & Slashing Factory Complete Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupLoaded Boards Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverWith the death of the Loaded Ceviche comes the Loaded Poke. Continuing the legacy of the Fish and Ceviche, the Poke is the newest phase of an evolving tradition.

The Loaded Poke features a directional shape that encourages a spirited and surfy riding style. In addition to this fun shape, an ample kicktail has been incorporated to provide strong leverage for sliding and freestyle trickery, while a subtle nose allows for manuals and shuvits.

The mild concave characteristic of the deck promotes quick edge-to-edge transitions when carving, pumping, and slashing. With a rocker designed profile and a subtle flex, these two combine for an enhanced riding comfort and easy pushing.

Overall, the Poke has a light and durable design from a snowboard-inspired bamboo and fiberglass construction. This
provides riders with a lightweight strength and subtle flex for a comfortable an engaging ride.


  • Deck length: 34”
  • Deck width: 9.125”
  • Wheelbase: 20.75”
  • Paris 150mm 50° v3 trucks
  • Orangatang 70mm 83a Stimulus
  • Loaded Jehu V2 Bearings 
  • Loaded Button Head Hardware

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Nic Escamilla reveals his ancient family recipe of how to make delicious, southern Poke. Bon Appetit! Overall, be sure to stay updated with the latest from Loaded here: LOADED BOARDS



LOADED BOARDS CANADA Loaded Boards began in 2000 and has always been dedicated to the growth of board sports through performance, community, and creative expression.Loaded Boards is based out of Culver City, California. Loaded was founded by Don Tashman in 2002 and featured the Vanguard board as its first product.
Tashman has stated that his goal was to create high-performing, environmentally friendly longboards . And wow did they live up to their name! We’ve experienced the soulful beauty of riding and want to pass on the stoke. To that end we are dedicated to putting out the best possible rides we can and we stand behind every board we build.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 42 × 11 × 3 cm
Deck Length

Skateboard Deck Width