Loaded Completes

Loaded Orangatang Visits BoarderLabsLoaded Chinchiller Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupLoaded Boards kicked off its journey into the world of board sports back in the year 2000, setting up shop with a mission to sprinkle a little extra awesome into the mix of performance, community vibes, and the kind of creative expression that makes you go, “Wow, I didn’t know a board could do that!”

Nestled in the heart of Culver City, California, this haven for board enthusiasts was brought to life by the visionary Don Tashman in 2002, with the Vanguard board rolling out as the debut star on their stage.

Don had a dream—a dream where longboards weren’t just pieces of wood on wheels, but high-flying, eco-friendly magic carpets that could glide on pavement. And, by all accounts, he nailed it.

Loaded Boards isn’t just in the business of making longboards; they’re in the business of crafting rideable masterpieces that are so good, they practically come with their own aura of stoke.

The team at Loaded is all about experiencing the kind of joy in riding that makes you want to write poetry, sing in the rain, or at least tell everyone you know about how awesome it feels.

They’re so committed to this cause that they promise to only churn out the best of the best, standing proudly behind every board that leaves their sanctuary of stoke.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of riding a board that feels like it was blessed by the skate gods themselves, and happens to be kind to Mother Earth to boot, Loaded Boards has got your back. And your feet.

And definitely your soulful side that’s just itching to carve up the streets with a touch of flair and a whole lot of love.

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