Loaded Vanguard Deck 8.5″ x 38″ (Flex 4, 120-170+ lbs)


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For those who love to cruise, carve, and dance – there is the Loaded Vanguard. With insanely responsive flex this deck conforms to your movements, creating a harmony between board and rider, become one with your board!

The Vanguard brings lightweight snowboard-inspired construction and performance to the pavement. Camber, sidecuts, and high-energy flex allow for responsive carving, pumping, and commuting!

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Loaded Vanguard Deck Canada Pickup VancouverLoaded Boards Canada Online Sales Pickup VancouverThe Loaded Vanguard is one of the most fun longboards you will ever ride. With its crazy flex and cutout shape, it is perfect for cruising/dancing/carving.  Just make sure you pick the flex that is right for you!

The Loaded board that started it all. Symmetrical shape and stance for a balanced center of gravity to increase the ability to weight the deck through turns for better control and energy generation. The side cuts allow for decreased torsional stiffness between the feet to exploit the board’s torsional energy to allow for greater nuances in the turning radius.

The Vanguard was designed and intended for speeds between 0 and 25 mph (0-40km/hr). You can take the board faster with skill and experience, but it is not intended for higher speeds due to its flex characteristics. It is intended for chilling good times, not balls to the wall insanity.


  • Length: 38″
  • Width: 8.5″
  • Wheelbase: 31.5″
  • Cruising/Carving/Dancing longboard
  • Flex 1: 175-230+lbs / 42″
  • Flex 2: 150-210+lbs / 42″
  • Flex 3: 150-200+lbs / 38″
  • Flex 4: 120-170+lbs / 38″
  • Flex 5: 80-140+lbs / 38″

In the nitty gritty of L.A.’s downtown streets, a brave group of strutting skaters mash through the chaos of traffic, disgruntled pedestrians, and the occasional slime patch of who-knows-what. Ari, Lotfi, Laurent, Adam, and Alberto bring you their own personal styles of the discipline commonly known as “Foot-Twerking” (aka Dancing). With the world against them, they managed to come out of the concrete jungle relatively unharmed, though their clothes will never smell the same again.



LOADED BOARDS CANADA Loaded Boards began in 2000 and has always been dedicated to the growth of board sports through performance, community, and creative expression.Loaded Boards is based out of Culver City, California. Loaded was founded by Don Tashman in 2002 and featured the Vanguard board as its first product.
Tashman has stated that his goal was to create high-performing, environmentally friendly longboards . And wow did they live up to their name! We’ve experienced the soulful beauty of riding and want to pass on the stoke. To that end we are dedicated to putting out the best possible rides we can and we stand behind every board we build.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 5 cm
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