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Powell Peralta Animal Chin Have You Seen Him Sticker 2.875″ x 4.25″ BLACK


Have you seen him? We have yet to find him. Stacy Peralta shares an amusing backstory: Before the iconic “Animal Chin” video came to be, there was an advertisement featuring the whimsical character of Animal Chin.

This was conceived as a playful jab at the skateboarding industry’s saturation with new brands and the disproportionate allocation of signature models to undeserving skateboarders due to a shortage of top-tier talent. To highlight this absurdity, they promoted a completely fictitious skateboarder named Animal Chin, humorously described as being so inexperienced that he hadn’t even encountered concrete, let alone skateboarded on it. 

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Powell Peralta Animal Chin Have You Seen Him Sticker Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupPowell Bones Reds Bearings Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets VancouverPowell Peralta Have you Seen Him Animal Chin Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverThis Powell Peralta Animal Chin Have You Seen Him sticker is definitely one of the OG classics.

In a candid reflection, Stacy Peralta delves into the backstory of the Animal Chin character, initially conceived as a humorous critique of the skateboarding industry’s rapid expansion and the proliferation of brands. This period saw an influx of “fly-by-night” manufacturers and a scarcity of skateboarders with the caliber to justify signature models. In response, Peralta and his team crafted an advertisement featuring Animal Chin, a deliberately unqualified skateboarder who was not only inexperienced but had also never encountered concrete. This fictional character served as a playful exaggeration of the industry’s tendency to over-promote underwhelming talent. The ad, rooted in satire, unexpectedly struck a chord within the skateboarding community, becoming a hit.

Following the success of two official videos, the team yearned for a creative shift. As discussions unfolded, the concept of Animal Chin evolved from a mere advertising gimmick into a zen-like figure, setting the stage for a quest narrative. This creative pivot was the result some beers and spontaneous brainstorming, underscored by a relaxed atmosphere and the flow of ideas among friends.


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Powell Peralta Presents The Search For Animal Chin Chapter 11 Chin Ramp III. In Bones Brigade video III, “The Search For Animal Chin” the guys travel from spot to spot looking for the elusive Won Ton Animal Chin. He’s a mythical character representing the purity and fun of skateboarding. The “Have You Seen Him” graphic created by Craig Stecyk was an homage to the lost-kid ads that were printed on milk cartons. An actual milk carton appears in a San Francisco scene of the video featuring Mike McGill and Tommy Guerrero. “Dude! He’s got his own milk carton!” The image was used as a teaser for the video in ads and on T-shirts. 


Powell Peralta

Powell Dealer Canada Vancouver CalStreetsPowell Peralta is an American skateboard company founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978. It became known for its Bones Brigade team, which included top skateboarding competitors of the 1980s. Peralta left the company in 1991 and Powell continued to produce skateboard equipment under the Powell, Bones Bearings, and RollerBones brands. CalStreets or CSI was the company's second distributor in Canada after Northwest Skateboards.
Powell Peralta

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