Primitive Marvel X Moebius Spiderman Griptape 9″ X 33″ Purple



Primitive Marvel X Moebius Spiderman Griptape 9″ X 33″ Purple


The Primitive Spiderman grip depicts Peter Parker, perched on a damaged building, overlooking his city. He swings through a broken world, doing his best to hold the seams together as it threatens to rip itself apart. 

The Primitive Spiderman griptape will grant you inhuman abilities. You will gain the ability to swing you through the skies, hunt down your prey, and bring swift justice to any wrongdoers at the skatepark and beyond.

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Primitive Spiderman Griptape Canada Pickup VancouverPrimitive Marvel Moebius Canada Pickup Vancouver

Time to deck your setup out with some classic comic style! Primitive is putting on display French artist Moebius with the awesome Spiderman grip tape, commemorating his legendary 1980s run with Marvel!

Primitive has teamed up with Marvel and Moebius this awesome Spider-Man grip tape! Our hero rests in the middle of a broken building, against an evening sky.

Moebius brought an edge to the comic brand in the second half of the 1980s, sparking renewed interest from those ready to move past the cheesy comics of the 1970s, and this slick design will bring stylish grip to any skate setup. As a result, this is still your neighborhood Spider-Man. However, perhaps he’s just a bit less friendly than you’d expect.

Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, has a rich and deeply wounded history. Bit by a experimental radioactive spider, Peter was endowed with the abilities of a spider. From this, he was given superhuman speed, strength, and the ability to swing around New York on his webs. But with the loss of his uncle Ben at the hands of a lowly criminal, Peter swears to protect the city from the very people who hurt him. 


On our one year anniversary of releasing Encore, we are proud to present “Fourth Quarter”, a new film starring Miles Silvas, Robert Neal, Trent McClung, and Giovanni Vianna.



Rick and Morty Skateboards Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver Selling out of boards is a good thing when you're a skate company. But when you do it in the first two minutes? That's something to take note of. After leaving Plan B Paul Rodriguez produced 500 decks and they caught fire! Thus Primitive was born! The original team began with heavy hitters such as Nick Tucker, Carlos Ribeiro and Paul himself.
The concept for Primitive was born in 2012 and took flight in 2014. Being a household name in skaters lives world wide is definitely a great feat, let alone doing it in a matter of a handful of years. Bastien Salabanzi joined up with Primitive in early 2015, one of Paul's idols. Who knows what heavy hitters will grace their name on a Primitive deck.

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