Rip N Dip Addicted Kitty Sticker 3″


We are fresh out of boring stickers. Dope Stickers ONLY! These Stickers we have kill the game and get you where you want to be in life! No more do you have to wallow in self pity because you can’t get a date! Prove your coolness with a sticker that’s guaranteed to get you everything you want in life!

It’s time to stop being lame and tedious. Don’t be THAT loser with no style or substance! Get some sick stickers, and never will your surfaces be the same again!


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Rip N Dip Stickers are great! Rumor has it Bill Gates was given a RIP N Dip sticker when he was first born, now hes the GOAT. Coincidence? I think not!

They’re so fresh you can almost taste it! (Do not attempt to make any foodstuffs out of Rip N Dip stickers as the high quality vinyl will probably make your insides bleed.) Liberate your body and soul and create your destiny! Nerm and Jerm await you….

RIP N DIP Tongue Pill:

Never more suffer in oppressed silence because you can’t find anything worth sticking onto your deck. Liberate your body and soul and create your destiny! Nerm and Jerm await you.



Rip N Dip Gift Shop Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverListen up, you mere humans! Let me tell you the tale of Ryan O'Connor, the legend behind the creation of Rip N Dip. This epic saga begins at a skate camp back in the summer of '06, where Ryan was busy scribbling Rip N Dip onto campers' boards. And what happened next, you ask? Well, those little rascals went absolutely bonkers for it! So Ryan took matters into his own paws and whipped up a batch of shirts to sell. That's right, my feline friends, Rip N Dip was born. Fast forward to present day, and this brand is now based in the land of stars and dreams - Los Angeles. They don't play by the rules, no sirree. RIPNDIP is all about being bold, being wild, and breaking free from the mundane. Who wants to be basic, anyways? Not us cool cats! So, listen closely, you fashion-challenged humans. If you want to elevate your game and join the ranks of the cool kids, get yourself some Rip N Dip. Your circle of friends will thank you, and you'll never be the same again. Meow!

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 cm