Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz ROSKOPP FACE 3 Reissue Shaped Deck 9.9″ x 30.8″ NATURAL


The Santa Cruz Skateboards Rob Roskopp Face Three Re-issue deck is a modern reinterpretation of skateboarding history. It features re-envisioned graphics by the talented @jimbophillips, carrying on the legacy of Jim and Jimbo Phillips’ original Face and Face 2 series art.

With its striking classic neon spot gloss graphic on a natural bottom veneer, this deck combines timeless aesthetics with a faithfully replicated OG shape and an authentic decktop laser-etched reissue logo. It’s a contemporary classic for skateboard enthusiasts.

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The Santa Cruz Skateboards Rob Roskopp Face Three Re-issue deck, an iconic piece of skateboard history reimagined for today’s riders. This deck showcases re-envisioned graphics by the talented @jimbophillips, continuing the legacy of the original Face and Face 2 series art created by Jim and Jimbo Phillips. The classic neon spot gloss graphic graces the natural bottom veneer, creating a visually striking contrast. The deck also boasts a faithfully replicated OG shape and a decktop laser-etched reissue logo, adding a touch of authenticity to this modern classic.

Crafted from 7-ply North American Maple, each layer is individually pressed using epoxy, resulting in a deck that’s not just durable but also highly responsive. This ensures a deck with enduring pop, consistent concave, and a reliable kick for your tricks.

The Old School concave on this deck is like a blast from skateboarding’s past. Its comfortable side-to-side concave and continuous tail kick make it a perfect fit for cruisers, shaped boards, and those classic old school decks with a longer tail than nose. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or a new enthusiast, the Rob Roskopp Face Three Re-issue deck promises a thrilling ride with a dash of nostalgia.

  • W: 9.90″ L: 30.8″ WB: 14.5 – 15″

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Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards Sales Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverSanta Cruz Skateboards, nestled in the skateboarder's paradise of Santa Cruz, California, burst onto the scene in 1973. Picture this: Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman, probably sporting some epic '70s hairdos, get together and say, "Hey, let's start NHS Inc. and shake up the skate world."  With over four decades of skateboarding smarts (that's like, 280 in dog years of skate knowledge), Santa Cruz isn't just a brand; it's a skateboarding legend. Thanks to the mind-blowing graphics from the artist extraordinaire Jim Phillips, their decks are more iconic than a rock star's guitar. And let's talk about NHS's brand family – it's like the Avengers of skateboarding gear. They distribute the who's who of skate brands: Santa Cruz Skateboards (obviously), Creature Skates for the monster in you, Independent Truck Co. (the backbone of your board), Bronson Speed Co. (because who doesn't like speed?)!
Santa Cruz Skateboards

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