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Schmitt Stix Chainsaw Original Concave REISSUE Deck 10″ x 33″ Yellow Stain


The Schmitt Stix Chainsaw decks cuts its way in at 33″ long. The Chainsaw is a cruise ship of a deck with a vibrant yellow color stain!

The Chainsaw will crush bowls, and cruise around the city like floating on a cloud. It’s time to fuel up the ole’ chainsaw and get ready to chew through some wood! 

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  • Established 1978
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Schmitt Stix Chainsaw Reissue Original Concave Deck Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupSchmitt Stix Skateboards Canada Pickup VancouverThe Schmitt Stix Chainsaw deck is a blast from the past!

The Schmitt Stix Chainsaw features the same shape that it was famous for!

This board is hard to go wrong with, when the original company is the still making the board from the ’80s!

At 33″ long, the Chainsaw is a cruise ship of a deck! Ultimate stability for your next cruising session, and plenty of foot space.

The massive 17.5″ wheelbase will give a crazy stable ride, and the OG concave style gives you the freedom to adjust your stance easily. Plus, the gas powering the chainsaw will give extra air when you’re smashing those ramps. 


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Schmitt Stix Skateboarding! 1987. This is a rare VHS never released on DVD. starring John Lucero, Joe Lopes, Monty Nolder, Paul Schmitt. also featuring Allen Midgett, Steve Douglas, Chuck Hults, Don Fisher. Shot on location at the Camarillo Ramps, CA.


Schmitt Stix

Buy Schmitt Stix Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup Schmitt Stix was founded by skateboard craftsman Paul "the Professor" Schmitt in the early 1980's. Schmitt Stix is owned and operated under Select Distribution, who also owns established brands such as Elephant, Hosoi, Palisades, The Pickle Board Co., and Magic. As a brand that is well known and loved for their old school designs, Schmitt Stix decks are still inspired by their original blueprints and remain as popular as ever among riders of all ages.
Schmitt Stix skateboard decks are constructed and built with a deep, modern concave shape for sturdy footing, balance, and control. Designed in traditional and cruiser shapes, Schmitt Six designs boards for skates passionate about freestyle riding, speed, and performing technical tricks!
Schmitt Stix

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