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Triple 8 T8 Racer Replacement Visor – Tinted


Squinting while skating is very dangerous. Pick up this tinted shatter-resistant flip up visors to help you combat this problem.

With the Triple 8 T8 Racer Replacement Tinted visor you can maintain perfect clarity and customize your visuals for the varying degrees of sunlight you may encounter!

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Triple 8 Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Triple 8 Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupTriple 8 Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupIs your Triple 8 T8 Racer visor scratched or damaged? Look no further!

The Triple 8 T8 Racer replacement tinted visor is a perfect OEM replacement for your full face helmet. With a simple replacement of your old visor, you will be able to maintain perfect clarity for your vision as you shred down the gnarliest hills around. Visibility while riding is essential.

This replacement visor is fully compatible with the T8 Racer full face helmet. Simply remove your old hardware securing your existing visor, swap with the new replacement visor, and secure with your already existing hardware. Just that easy!


Triple 8 Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup

Memories of the beloved and historical Maryhill Loops Road in Washington, USA. From the street luge films Mikel Echegaray Diez between the picturesque loops. Overall, be sure to check out the rest of the amazing products from Triple 8.


Triple 8

Buy Triple 8 Protective Gear Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pickup Ever ollie over a 6 ft pothole while swerving around an oncoming taxi? Ever bike through miles of snarling traffic, oblivious tourists and millions of testy commuters? Triple Eight was born on the streets of New York City, so we know what it’s like to ride them. And we know what it takes to conquer them, too.
Back in 1996, we hit the pavement—literally—with our first helmet, and have been developing tough, stylish protective gear for the action sports industry ever since.  After all, we’re not only making the products, we’re using them too.
So go ahead, push harder, go faster, fly higher. And know that whatever you ride, Triple Eight has you protected from head to toe.
Triple 8

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