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Venture John Shanahan Pro Editions Low 5.0″ Silver/Black


Flying in are the Venture John Shanahan Pro Editions trucks that feature low geometry and a hanger width of 5.0″, in a classy black and silver colorway!

These Venture trucks are top quality, and manufactured with reinforced aircraft grade steel kingpins and axles, along with top quality bushings to give you the best turning radius you can get.

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Venture John Shanahan Pro Editions 5.0 low silver black Skateboard Trucks Canada Pickup VancouverVenture John Shanahan Pro Editions 5.0 low silver black Skateboard Trucks Canada Pickup VancouverVenture Trucks are the leaders in agility. Team tested for best feel and great feedback. One of the lightest trucks on the market today!

Well known for immediate turn in and super lightweight performance, Venture Trucks are the first place to look if you are trying to step up your street game.

Venture John Shanahan 5.0 Low Trucks are among the best street trucks for the money, look no further for the best bang for your buck. Sold in pairs, not sold to squares.

Fantastic response geometry. These trucks turn quicker and are lighter on your pocket than the other brands.

They come matched with great 90A all around bushings set up for optimum weight transfer and compression which relates to a crispier feel up under your feet!

If you are looking for a more custom set up be sure to check out our selection of bushings to complete your set up.


  • Axle width: 7.62″
  • Hanger Width: 5.0″
  • Great For Decks 7.9″ and under
  • Aircraft grade axles and kingpins
  • Low geometry model
  • 90a bushings
  • Silver/black
  • More here: VENTURE

John is a true East Coast expert, completely in command of the busted alleys and classic urban plazas. Absorb his mastery and the grind that graced our cover.


Venture Trucks

venture-grind-header-870x43 Venture Trucks are always on the grind. Made in the USA with quality materials, trucks are too important to go cheap on, so make a sound investment with Venture.
Venture Trucks

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm
Axle Width