Krux Trucks K5 8" 8.25" DLK Polished Silver Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver Krux Trucks K5 8.0" DLK Polished Silver $69.95
Bennett Truks Trucks Canada Pickup Vancouver
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Bennett™ Vector Trucks BLACK 6.0" 152mm $84.95
Venture Trucks



Get buck for the Shake Junt x Venture 5.6 trucks that feature High geometry and a hanger width of 5.6″, in a classy Yellow and Green colorway!

These Venture trucks are top quality, and manufactured with reinforced steel hollow kingpins and hollow axles with top quality bushings to give you the best turn radius you can get. 

Shake Junt fosters an inclusive skate community, prioritizing friendship over skill. Their unique approach embraces diverse talents, from pro skaters to filmmakers. With obscure hip-hop references and individual skater-inspired gear, Shake Junt creates a tight-knit, vibrant, and inclusive skating culture.

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Get Bucked Venture Trucks Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

Venture Skateboard Trucks Distribution Canada Pickup CalStreets VancouverGet Bucked Venture Trucks Canada Online Sales Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

Shake Junt was started in 2008 by Shane Heyl. Hot off the release of his part in Baker Has a Deathwish, Heyl used that momentum to start a brand thats truly for the people.

Shake Junt stands out in the skateboarding world for its exceptional focus on inclusivity and community. Unlike many other skateboard brands, Shake Junt embraces both the skilled riders like Reynolds and Herman, as well as the laid-back individuals such as Flip Nasty and Neckface, who contribute through filming and art. The brand’s motto, “By the Homies, for the Homies,” truly reflects its ethos.

What makes Shake Junt special is its ability to create a sense of belonging. Anyone can be a part of Shake Junt, whether you’re a pro like Matt Muford or just a regular skater with a group of friends.

Slapping on some Shake Junt grip isn’t just about gear; it’s a statement of camaraderie. When you wear Shake Junt, you’re instantly connected to a community that shares obscure hip-hop references and unique gestures like the ‘slap, slap, bump’ high five. It’s a language known only to you and your crew, fostering a tight-knit bond.

What sets Shake Junt apart is its celebration of individuality. Every team member contributes their unique vibe, which seamlessly merges into the brand’s identity. Whether it’s Lizard King’s gnarliness or Atiba Jefferson’s passion for filming, Shake Junt turns these personalities into shirts and ads, allowing each team member to shine in their own way.


  • Axle width: 8.25″
  • Hanger Width: 5.6″
  • Great For Decks 8.1” to 8.3″
  • Hollow axles and kingpins
  • High geometry model
  • 90a bushings
  • Yellow/Green Shake Junt Graphic
  • More here: VENTURE

Venture Skateboard Trucks Distribution Canada Pickup CalStreets Vancouver

GET BUCK! Nikolai Piombo, Tanner Burzinski, Davey Sales, John Dilo, and Marcos Montoya coming through for the new Venture X Shake Junt Collab. 


Venture Trucks

Venture Skateboard Trucks Distribution Canada Pickup CalStreets Vancouver Venture Trucks are always on the grind. Made in the USA with quality materials, trucks are too important to go cheap on, so make a sound investment with Venture.
Venture Trucks

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm
Axle Width