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Krux Trucks K5 8.0″ DLK Polished Silver


The new and improved Polished Silver Krux K5 DLK (Down-Low Kingpin) truck showcases all the improved features including the “Pur-fect Turn” with a revolutionary inverted kingpin that locks into a shaft-nut baseplate. 

These Krux K5 trucks are deadly and ready to leave their mark. Featuring an 8.0″ hanger width, these are a perfect match for a board width of 7.75 inches to 8.2 inches!


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Krux Trucks K5 8" 8.25" DLK Polished Silver Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverKrux Trucks K5 8" 8.25" DLK Polished Silver Skateboard Canada Pickup VancouverRide in style with these brand new Krux K5 Polished Silver trucks!

These Krux K5 trucks feature an updated hanger and baseplate design which provides a new quicker turning geometry. In addition, the pivot cup has been redesigned as well, for a new improved turn. The K5 still feature your favourite characteristics of the Downlow Kingpin Design, but now showcases a new inverted DLK design with a 9/16” hex head as well as 5mm Allen, along with stronger SCM435 axles!

These Krux are the perfect trucks for all types of skateboarding. Perfect for all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced shredder. As a result, these trucks are great for parks, street, ditches, cruising etc!

Featuring the Krux Downlow Kingpin (DLK)! Designed to prevent any snags or hang ups during grinds and perfect for smiths and feebles. Truly the smoothest grind. Krux Lows are great for tech shredders and makes flip tricks easier. Perfect for ledges, rails and any other street terrain too. Krux Down Lows are great for tech shredders and makes flip tricks easier.


  • Axle Width: 8.0″
  • Designed to fit a 7.75″- 8.2″ board
  • Downlow Kingpin design
  • The “Pur-fect” turn!
  • Stronger SCM435 axles
  • More here: KRUX TRUCKS

Krux Trucks Animal Kingdom K5 Down Low Kingpin DLK Skateboard Canada Pickup Vancouver

Post up with Aaron Goure aka Dr. Thraxenstein in our new series called “My Grooves” where we link up with your favorite Krux All-Stars as they breakdown everything on their setup from the specs to their truck grooves. How long does a pair of Krux last for Aaron? Is he rocking with the Polka Dots or is he a Silverman!? What is his favorite Krux Truck from the archives?! Tune in and find out! Who should we hit up for our next installment of MY GROOVES? Let us know in the comments!


Krux Trucks

Krux Skateboard Hardware Canada Pickup VancouverKrux Trucks are a fun loving company! Just like skateboarding should be!
Krux is a truck company that is all about having fun! These trucks are no exception. Krux Trucks are made with the fun and joy of skateboarding in mind. Their design features a low and rounded kingpin for less hang up. Less hang up results in smoother, cleaner and more landed smith grinds and feebles! 
Krux makes trucks in a variety of sizes to fit every skater with a great set of high performance trucks. From the wee shredders to that guy who just never stopped, Krux has it all.
Krux Trucks

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm
Axle Width