Krux Skateboard Trucks

KILLER KRUX SALE 24.95 pair Canada Online Sales Pickup Vancouver CalStreetsKrux Trucks! They’re like the chillest, fun-loving company in the skateboarding scene. Just how skateboarding’s meant to be, ya know?

Krux, man, they’re all about embracing the stoke and bringing that fun vibe to the streets. When you ride on their trucks, it’s like a party on wheels!

They’ve got this sick design with a low and rounded kingpin that keeps things smooth and flowy. No hang-ups to mess with your tricks, just clean and buttery smith grinds and feebles all day long!

No matter if you’re a little grom shredder or a seasoned skate veteran, Krux has got your back. They offer a rad variety of sizes, so every skater can find their perfect fit. And let me tell you, these babies are high-performance beasts!  Keep it fun, keep it Krux!

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