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Should I Get an Electric Skateboard? How to Know When an E-Skate is for You


Should I get an electric skateboard? Uh yeah, of course. Sorry for the quick suspense kill, but there’s no need to beat around the bush here. That being said, you need reasons, right? We’ve got them.

Whether you’re putting together your wish list (for the holidays, etc.) or treating yourself to something special this year (you deserve it!) we’ve broken down the key things that make an e-skate perfect for you. Let’s get to it.

4 Reasons Why an Electric Skateboard Makes Sense for Your Lifestyle

Evolve Electric Skateboards Vancouver Granville Island Ride1. You’ve Skated it All

Have you ridden skateboards, longboards, short cruisers, carvers, vintaBoosted Electric Skateboards Vancouver Granville Island Ridege mini-decks and everything in between? You’re not over it, but you’re definitely looking for a new rush. Well, e-skates are the evolution of skateboarding, and have empowered the board riding public with a new way to ride. Until those Back to the Future hover-decks come to fruition, you’ve stumbled upon the future, here and now. Get on board.

2. You Haven’t Skated it All

Perhaps you haven’t cut your teeth on the streets on a wide variety of skateboards or longboards. You may not be comfortable riding a more traditional board until you better grasp the concept. An e-skate is the perfect way to ramp up your skills, or develop them in the first place. By removing the need to push off of the concrete you get to focus on the ride, improving your balance and coordination. Electric skateboards are great for the advanced, intermediates, and beginners alike.

3. You’re Stoked on Cruising and Carving

If you’re all about cruising, carving, and riding the concrete wave, then an e-skate is for you too. Once again, by negating the need to gain momentum with your back foot in a manual push, you get to focus on the ride, for your entire session. It also allows you the freedom to practice riding switch if you haven’t developed that ambidextrous skill set yet.

4. You Need a Commuting Alternative

Skateboarders know the feeling. You don’t want to take the bus, train, or goofy looking bike-share to get to work, but skating there isn’t practical. It can get you all sweaty, ruin your attire, and put your $2200 MacBook Pro in harm’s way. Then there’s the rain (Vancouverites). An electric skateboard solves all of this! All you need to do is step out of your home, hop on board, flip the switch, and off you go.  And yes, you can ride the right e-skate in the rain.


BoarderLabs / CalStreets lead the way in the evolution of electric skateboards in Canada. View our lineup of Evolve electric skateboards, and other e-skate brands. We’ve answered your first question as to whether or not you should get an electric skateboard, feel free to ask us anything else.

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