Alva 45th Anniversary Collection

Road Rider 4 Wheels Bronze Indy Alva Trucks Alva 45th Anniversary Limited Edition 1977 Re-Issue CalStreets Canada Pickup VancouverForty-five years ago, Tony Alva launched the first skater-owned and operated skateboard company and signature model under the banner, Alva Skates. The first deck was released in 1977 and featured Alva’s iconic logo die cut into glittering griptape and set over a gradient of yellow and orange paint.

The 77 or “Alva Flame” is the quintessential 70s deck and one of the most recognizable and iconic skateboards ever produced.

We are excited to announce limited edition 77 re-issue decks and Alva X Road Rider re-issue 70s-era wheels. Although Indy wasn’t around at the time, we decided to beef up our classic setup with limited edition Alva X Independent trucks. It’s the ultimate original, just like our founder.

Tony Alva won the Hang Ten World Professional Skateboarding Championship on Road Rider wheels in 1977. 

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Showing all 4 results