Andy Anderson Decks

Andy Anderson Skateboarding Canada Pickup VancouverAndy Anderson, from White Rock, BC, Canada, has been shaping the skateboarding scene for over 18 years with the support of sponsors like Powell-Peralta, Bones, and Mini Logo. His skate journey began with an unconventional Switch-Board, setting the stage for his creative approach to the sport. Andy’s eclectic music taste, featuring artists from The Cramps to Tom Waits, fuels his unique skating style.

Vancouver holds a special place in Andy’s heart as his favorite place to skate and find inspiration. He keeps up with the skate world through Color Mag and was last seen watching Nyjah Huston’s “Til Death.” His favorite Powell-Peralta videos are “Future Primitive” and “Ban This,” with “Dying to Live” by Zero being the first skate video that captured his imagination. Among his favorite films are “Pulp Fiction” and “Fight Club,” and within the Powell-Peralta team, Scott Decenzo stands out as his top skater. Andy’s blend of influences and experiences makes him a distinctive and influential figure in skating.

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