Antihero Skateboard Decks

AntiHero Skateboards Canada Online Sales Vancouver Pick UpAntihero Skateboards, established in 1995 by Julien Stranger, emerged from an idea proposed by Jim Thiebaud. At a time when skateboarding seemed to be losing its edge, Thiebaud believed that Stranger’s innovative visions could inject new life into the scene.

Years down the line, it’s clear that Antihero was exactly what the skateboarding world needed. The brand serves as a raw mirror of Julien’s perspective—unfettered by expectations, focused purely on the essence of skateboarding.

Over the years, Antihero has boasted a roster of legendary skaters and forged remarkable collaborations. Skate icons Neil Blender and Lance Mountain have rolled with the Anti-team, alongside the powerhouse John Cardiel. With decks crafted using PS Stix technology, Antihero stands out for its enduring commitment to quality in both design and durability.

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