Dogtown Ozzy Osbourne Deck

Illya, Josh, Ali with Ozzy Osbourne Dogtown Canada Pickup Vancouver“All aboard!” Don’t miss out on this wild ride! We’re excited to announce the Ozzy X Dogtown collaboration collection, featuring stunning deck designs by Sean Cliver and Jim “Red Dog” Muir.

The signature Stonefish shape is a classic fish shape with a wide front end and a big flared tail that offers optimal stability and control. With a steep tail, short nose kick, and front rocker, it’s the perfect board for shredding the streets or hitting up some vert!

This collection is a true showstopper, and featuring Sean Cliver’s artwork is sure to turn heads. The collaboration is a testament to the enduring influence of OZZY on skateboarding culture and the power of his music to inspire generations of skaters.

So hop on board the crazy train and grab an Ozzy X Dogtown deck to pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians of all time!

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Showing all 2 results