Doh Doh Bushings

Shorty`s Doh Doh Bushings Canada Pickup VancouverSHORTY’S DOH DOH’S skateboard truck bushings are designed for all sizes of skaters, making them ideal for various skateboarding styles such as street, bowls, pools, and cruiser setups. The hyper-responsive bushings enhances the overall performance of the skateboard, providing skaters with precise and agile movements. Made in the USA, these bushings are crafted from the same superior quality urethane, ensuring exceptional durability.

Shorty’s was founded in 1992 by Tony Buyalos and April Hamrick, initially focusing on producing clothing and accessories for skateboards as well as skateboard decks.

The company gained significant recognition in 1996 when Chad Muska, a prominent skateboarder, left Toy Machine and joined forces with Buyalos. This collaboration marked a pivotal moment for Shorty’s, propelling them into the realm of skateboard manufacturing and solidifying their reputation. 

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