Hosoi Skateboard Decks

Buy Hosoi Canada Online Sales Vancouver PickupChristian Hosoi, a legendary figure in skateboarding, leads Hosoi Skateboards, blending his unique vision with a mix of retro and modern influences to shape the brand’s identity. Known for revolutionizing the skateboarding landscape with the introduction of the iconic hammerhead deck design, Hosoi Skateboards has established itself as a beacon of innovation and creativity.

The brand’s lineup is further enhanced by collaborations with renowned artists like John Lucero, bringing vibrant and fresh graphics to its range. Catering to the next generation of skaters, Hosoi Skateboards also offers mini popsicle boards, designed with younger riders in mind. A key highlight of the brand is its dedication to producing all its skateboards locally in Costa Mesa, CA, underscoring its commitment to quality and community. By pioneering the hammerhead deck, Hosoi has cemented its status as a trailblazer in the skate industry. 

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